Why We Need Tech Coaches and IT Specialists in Our Schools, According to Teachers

Do not add tech problems to teachers’ plates.

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Do you have a tech coach or dedicated IT specialist in your school? These individuals can be livesavers when it comes to learning new technology, fixing mishaps, and understanding what works best for teachers. We asked our teacher audience how their tech coaches help them in the classroom. Beverly T. summed up our appreciation for these tech heroes when complimenting her tech coach, saying, “She’s extremely helpful, talks us through tech issues, fixes devices, helps us understand technology, and teaches us how to use it. She’s 100% all in.”

Some schools have made the unfortunate decision to eliminate tech positions, leaving teachers to fend for themselves. Tech coaches should be an integral part of schools, allowing teachers to focus on their classrooms and call for technology help and training when it is needed. Technology issues and training are a piece of the puzzle that teachers shouldn’t have to be responsible for.

Teachers shared the best things their tech coach or IT specialist does, proving how much we need them in our schools:

They hold trainings on technology.

Tech coach technology training tweet

“Holds drop-in trainings to show us how to use a variety of programs and tools.” —Rebecca S.

“Make videos on district-approved apps on how to use them.” —Daisy Z.

Sometimes teachers need a little guidance on best practices when it comes to the tech in their classrooms. Tech coaches offer great insights during PD or training sessions to help educators integrate technology more easily and effectively. Did you know that you can find training resources from tech manufacturers? Epson offers a range of trainings to help school staff effectively use their Brightlink® Interactive Display technology.

They give us tips and tricks.

Tech coach tweet giving tips and tricks

Teachers aren’t always tuned in to the latest tech tricks that could make their jobs much easier. That’s where tech personnel come in! Their guidance on using classroom technology in the easiest and most effective ways can make a big difference.

They expertly pick the right technology resources for the classroom.

“Assist teachers in pairing pedagogy with meaningful tech integration to support student achievement.” —Heather E.

“My classroom had never had a mounted projector, and when the new projectors came in, he installed one. They worked very hard to get it in place.” —Michele J.

Tech specialists in schools are often tasked with making decisions or giving opinions when new technology is brought in. They make valuable evaluations to be sure they make the right choice for students, teachers, and the overall learning environment. This is so important for keeping classrooms running smoothly with the best tech for the job!

They answer questions and make quick fixes.

Tech coach problem solving tweet

“Answer my daily phone calls and deal with my endless quarrels.” —Sierra R.

Computer screen went black? Can’t get a Canvas feature to work? Endless questions are asked, and answers you shall receive! Teachers can’t thank their tech or IT specialist enough when it comes to their ability to swoop in and fix a problem when it’s affecting a lesson.

Tech coaches and IT specialists are an integral part of our school communities. These teachers’ appreciation for all they do goes to show how far-reaching these professionals’ impact is. The decisions they make when it comes to the right technology for the classroom directly affects students and teachers. Check out technology from Epson, continually offering new solutions for the classroom and tackling challenges teachers are facing.

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Tech coaches and IT specialists allow teachers to focus on the classroom and leave tech problems off their plate. Here's why we need them.