Here’s a Fun Idea for Teaching Angles: Play With Pasta Shapes

Noodles: Bad for your waistline, good for your lesson book.

Teaching Angles With Pasta Shapes

The best part of teaching angles? They’re everywhere!

For this particular activity, I have students explore angles in dry pasta shapes.

Here’s what to do

  • Go to your local grocery store, check the shelves, and choose a variety of pasta shapes with angles. Examples: farfalle, rotelle, cavatappi.
  • Split students up into groups and give them pasta shapes to investigate. Can they find an angle? 
  • Once students have investigated the pasta shapes, have them think about why pasta comes in a variety of shapes. Do the angles help hold sauce better? What do they think?
  • Next, have them design their own original pasta shape! Their new shape must include an acute, obtuse, or right angle. Students have to think about the shape of their pasta in dry form and what it would look like after it is cooked. What will they call their pasta?
  • Have them create an original logo and package for their pasta.

If you try this activity, I’d love to hear about it! Please share your experiences in the comments. Here are some of my other activities for teaching geometry: