Teach Elementary Engineering by Turning Kids into Urban Planners

Turn your students into urban planners and teach them about math, engineering and art!

elementary engineers

Turn your students into urban planners and teach them about math, engineering, and art! This is a great activity to introduce elementary engineering to young kids and help get them inspired about STEM careers.



Each student must design the layout for a neighborhood. Their street design must include: 3 sets of parallel lines, 1 perpendicular line, and half of a circle. All roads must measure 1 inch. They must think about attractions. What are the interests of the people who will live in the neighborhood? What should the neighborhood name be? They must also think about the speed limit for each street. Where should they put a stop sign or traffic light? Should streets where children play have a lower speed limit?


Lesson enhancement:

Once students are done laying out their neighborhood, let them decorate their streets with stores, shops, and other attractions (and you can sneak in some lessons about arrays and fraction.) For example, they can make an array of shrubbery in the park or paint three of every four houses blue to make a fraction. You could add requirements such as: at least 3 arrays and 2 fractions. Then, students can add more if they’d like too.

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