10 Truths About a Teacher’s Social Life in May

I’m fine. I’m totally fine.

A Teacher's Social Life in May

While normally you at least strive for work-life balance, at this point in the school year, you more or less admit defeat. You’ve got too many school events, too many report cards, and not nearly enough energy to do it all. Here are 10 truths about a teacher’s social life in May:

1. It pretty much doesn’t exist.

I Don't Have Friends

2. Like it’s basically microscopic.

You'd Have to Go Looking for It

3. Unless you count chaperoning the middle school dance.

Unless You Count the Middle School Dance

4. In which case my social life is poppin’.

In which case I'm popping

5. But mostly, this month, you’ll find me doing this.

But mostly, this month

6. Or this.

Or this

7. And definitely not wondering what my friends are doing without me.

Wondering about my friends

8. I mean, I’m sure they’re enjoying the few nice days that we actually have in between the frigid snow and sweltering heat.

The Few Nice Days

9. While I grade 137 essays on The Grapes of Wrath.

Grade 137 Essays

10. But I’m fine. I’m totally fine. I’ll see you guys in July.

i'm fine

For more on the reality of a teacher’s social life in May, check out the video below:


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