24 Daylight Saving Memes That Nail What It’s Like To Teach When the Clock Changes

Wait, do we lose or gain an hour of sleep?

Daylight savings memes, entire class is going to be exhausted

We’re thinking the same thing: “What’s the point of still having daylight saving time?” Daylight saving time was designed to preserve daylight and conserve energy, but it can cause more headaches than help. I’ll take the extra hour of sleep in the fall, but this spring, I’m complaining about losing an hour. Tired students, darkness early in the mornings, and resetting your mental clock are some of the many joys. Oh, and don’t forget to change your clocks! Check out these daylight saving memes that nail what it’s like for teachers when the clock changes.

“Spring Forward” Memes

Simply exhausted…

When a student asks me a question on daylight savings

I’m pretty tired too, buddy…

When a students tells me how tired they are because of the time change

Trying to get the hour of sleep back…

Sleeping during teacher prep time

If I had this, you’d find me here…

sleeping on laying down chair in office

It could be a very rough day…

Knowing how exhausted my students are going to be

I’m basically a walking zombie…

Tired on morning of daylight savings

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Petition to make this a thing…

Monday after daylight savings should be a national holiday

Source: Digital Mom Blog

Fast-forward to summer, please…

Fast forward clocks three months

Source: @localmamamag

March me envies November me…

March vs. November daylight savings

Source: Know Your Meme

Consider a car nap on my lunch break…


Monday after daylight savings

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Please, take an hour out of my afternoon instead…

We should lose an hour of time on a Friday

Source: Outside the Interzone

Who has time to lose an hour?

Ain't nobody got time for daylight savings

Source: Lock the Clock

I really swore I was going to start going…

Lost an hour to go to the gym

Source: @basic_state

“Fall Back” Memes

I know we got more sleep, but I can’t seem to find it…

Confused about time on daylight savings

Source: Chicago Teacher Memes

Your choice…

Extra hour of sleep or to stay up late on daylight savings

Source: Digital Mom Blog

Honestly, it just messes with my head…

Feeling personally victimized by daylight savings

Source: @britandco

I’m feeling like a sad Yoda…

Sad Yoda used extra hour of sleep to lesson plan instead of sleep

The extra hour of sleep is welcome this time around…

Pretending not to like daylight savings

Source: Ah see it

Hello darkness, my old friend…

Sun setting early daylight savings

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The only good to come of the end of daylight saving…

Extra hour of sleep daylight savings meme

Source: Teacher Memes

Don’t forget the classroom clocks and your car clock…

Adjust non-smart clocks

Source: Guide for Geek Moms

Kids … students … what’s the difference?

Do not get an extra hour of sleep with kids

Source: Mama’s Geeky


Fall forward or fall back

Source: @coachashleycollins

Guess I should use my extra hour wisely…

Daylight savings is extra time to work on progress reports

Source: Memecreator

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19 Daylight Saving Memes That Nail What It's Like to Teach When the Clock Changes