40 Teacher Facebook Pages You Should Follow Today

Opens Facebook; likes them all!

Facebook is stacked with educational pages full of great ideas you can use immediately in your classroom. Here are 40 recommendations for the best teacher Facebook pages to follow, in no particular order.

1. The Tutu Teacher

The Tutu Teacher is kindergarten teacher Vera Ahiyya, one of our favorites to follow for book recommendations, creative lesson ideas, and resources on equity.

2. Love, Teach

Love, Teach just gets it. She knows what’s real and what matters to educators. Plus, she’s pretty funny. Whether she’s talking about important issues in teaching or laughing with her readers about a funny classroom moment, she’s forever relatable. This is one of our favorite teacher Facebook pages.


3. Gerry Brooks

I’ve had lots of principals, but I’ve never had one as funny as Gerry Brooks from Lexington, Kentucky. He creates and shares videos featuring humor that only a teacher can truly understand. If a Teacher Appreciation Week gift of a Flair pen corsage makes you giggle, this is definitely one of the best teacher Facebook pages to follow!

4. Teaching in the Fast Lane


A little bit of humor, a little bit of information, and a little bit of conversation. That’s what you’ll find on this Facebook page by Alyssa Roetheli. She has resources for upper elementary teachers, but much of what she shares would fit a wide range of grades.

5. Clever Classroom

Clever Classroom posts a mix of teaching ideas, inspiration, and humor geared toward primary teachers. Emma is a passionate teacher from Australia, and she focuses on little learner resources, like phonological awareness activities.

6. Digital Divide and Conquer

If you want a healthy dose of funny teacher memes in your Facebook feed, Digital Divide and Conquer is your guy. He’s got a background in special ed and also spends a lot of time talking about technology. 

7.  Mind/Shift

Mind Shift is full of interesting articles about educational trends and innovations. I particularly enjoy the Sketchnote mini-posters they share, with all sorts of topics, like The Iceberg Illusion and 12 Benefits of Creativity.

8. Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy

Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy is run by two former secondary science teachers who post science teaching ideas, experiments, and videos for students of all ages. They also share some great science humor.

9. Angela Watson – The Cornerstone for Teachers

Angela Watson can ease your teacher stress. She talks to teachers about how to fit the enormous job of teaching into a true 40-hour workweek and how to manage the stress when you feel like you can’t. Her Facebook page is full of encouragement and tips for being more efficient. 

10. Edutopia

Edutopia posts interesting articles on a wide variety of teaching interests. Articles include topics like student-led conferences, helping students develop focus, and ways to add music to language arts. They also share teacher quotes and short videos with teaching ideas.

11. The Ron Clark Academy

This teacher Facebook page just makes my teacher heart happy each time I see a post! I have read all of Ron Clark’s books and love his motivational spirit, so seeing what’s going on at the Academy is a day brightener!

12. Teresa Kwant

Teresa’s tagline, “Inspiring Ideas for Elementary Educators,” pretty much sums up her Facebook page. Not only is it inspiring, but it’s also full of ideas. Her posts are equal parts encouraging, funny, and helpful. 

13. First Grade Fun Times

Alisa from First Grade Fun Times posts a mixture of original and classic quotes and memes related to being an elementary teacher. Teachers can also find helpful articles to enhance lessons and to ease the workload.

14. Cult of Pedagogy

Touted as a “community of people obsessed with education,” this site offers thought-provoking articles as well as tech resources, humorous essays, and more.

15. The Brown Bag Teacher

The Brown Bag Teacher is one of the top first grade teacher Facebook pages. It is packed with teaching ideas, helpful how-to videos, and pictures of classroom activities. She shares everything, from teaching compounds using Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Dog vs. Cat as an opinion unit.

16. Special Books by Special Kids

Special Books by Special Kids was created by Chris, a former special education teacher. He shares videos of himself interviewing kids who face a variety of challenges because he hopes to raise awareness and promote acceptance. I love his videos because they’re a great tool for classroom discussions.

17. The Educator’s Room

“Empowering Teachers as the Experts” is the motto of The Educator’s Room. On this teacher Facebook page, you’ll find informative articles written by teachers as well as helpful videos and posts from teachers seeking advice.

18. Mrs. Russell’s Room

Mrs. Russell’s Room shares teaching articles, ideas, and videos. One thing I really like about her Facebook page is that she is a veteran teacher who still has a passion for teaching. She also shares lots of original (and definitely relatable) teacher memes.

19. Create-abilities

Cassie, from Create-abilities, shares the latest ideas in education with thought-provoking articles, engaging blog posts, and activities that you can use right away. Not only will you get teaching ideas, but you might also find an encouraging word or a good laugh.

20. Educational Technology

On Educational Technology’s teacher Facebook page, you’ll find ready-to-use technology tools and also strategies for the classroom, like a list of reading apps, whiteboard tools, tips for creating classroom newspapers, and more! Ever practical, this is one of the top Facebook pages for teachers in the tech space.

21. Eddie B. Comedy

Eddie B. is a teacher from Houston who also does stand-up shows for teachers. He tells it like it is but does so hilariously! His videos are all about what teachers really say. If you like teacher humor, this is a page you’ll want to follow.

22. National Geographic Education

Everything about this page excites me. Whether it’s the beautiful pictures and videos, the historical trivia, or even the outdoor teaching ideas. If you have a love of learning, which most teachers do, this Facebook page is packed with information you’ll enjoy.

23. Education to the Core

Emily of Education to the Core shares resources, tips, ideas, and also occasional humor and words of wisdom for primary teachers. Her goal is to help teachers grow and develop their craft.

24. Krokotak

If you need some creative inspiration, Krokotak features arts and crafts ideas for lots of different age levels. Parents and teachers will also appreciate the short how-to videos, which go along with the art projects.

25. Mrs. D’s Corner

Mrs. D’s Corner is one of the best teacher Facebook pages for special education teachers (or any teacher, really). She shares teaching ideas, thoughtful articles, videos, and also teacher humor. You’ll also find hands-on activities, like how to make slime, cooking tips for the classroom, and more!

26. Education Week Teacher

Education Week Teacher shares teacher-related news and information. This Facebook page presents a wide array of relevant topics, such as bringing creativity back to middle school, helping your students de-stress for the test, and teaching essentials that teachers can’t live without.

27. The Daring English Teacher

The Daring English Teacher focuses on all things for the secondary English teacher. She posts book lists, teaching ideas, and meaningful articles. She also shares English teacher humor, like Shakespeare jokes, which are guaranteed to make you giggle!

28. TED-Ed

TED-Ed shares a wide range of articles geared toward teachers with students of any age. In addition to hot topic articles, this teacher Facebook page posts short, animated videos for teachers, which can sometimes also be shared with students.

29. The Teacher Next Door

I just had to include my page because I really enjoy connecting with teachers on Facebook! Each day, I share a wide variety of things, like helpful teaching ideas that teachers can take straight to the classroom as well as interesting articles and videos. My daily goal is to brighten a fellow teacher’s day with a bit of teacher humor or an inspirational post.

30. WeAreTeachers

I’ve got to include this one because it truly is one of my favorite teacher Facebook pages! This page features lots of helpful articles, some that are academic and some that are just plain fun. It also shares inspirational quotes and teacher humor.

31. ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education is a nonprofit that serves educators interested in the use of technology in education. This page will keep you up to date with articles, podcasts, and professional development opportunities.

32. School of Smock

This blogger, a former teacher with a doctorate in educational policy, is a fierce advocate for parents and educators. Her articles are thought-provoking and inspirational.

33. Education World

You’ll want this page in your daily news feed to stay on top of high-quality, in-depth content about all things education.

34. Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Be the best you can be without breaking the budget. This page is chock-full of fun and affordable ideas for the classroom.

35. Teaching Channel

Engaging videos for teachers to watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help their students (and their teaching practice) grow.

36. Talks with Teachers

Teacher Brian Sztabnik has put together a great collection of conversations that dig into curriculum, trends, and teaching philosophy. 

37. A Mighty Girl

Resources for teachers and parents to help raise smart, confident, courageous girls. Thought-provoking articles, impressive book lists, and interesting research. 

38. Helping Boys Thrive

Sponsored by the Gurian Institute, authors of numerous books about the brain-based differences between boys and girls, this page offers tips and strategies for teachers and parents. Recent topics include using brain research to improve classroom management, the biology of anxiety, and masculinity in modern society. 

39. NEA Today

A community for educators and public education supporters. Keep on top of trends and issues affecting today’s teachers and classrooms. 

40. Reading Is Fundamental

RIF is the leading champion for children’s literacy, empowering millions of children to read, learn, and grow. This nonprofit page keeps you up to date on books, events, and trends in literacy.

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40 Teacher Facebook Pages You Should Follow Today