21 Teacher Outfits That Will Make You Feel Just Like Ms. Frizzle

Tap into your inner Frizz.

Ms. Frizzle dress and outfit examples, including solar system dress, black and white plaid dress and men's button down galaxy print shirt in black

Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus exemplifies serious #teachergoals. She’s eccentric, dedicated, and compassionate. Best of all, she’s known for her wild and wacky “Ms. Frizzle dress” that has a way of making every classroom lesson fun and memorable.

So for those looking to improve their teacher-wardrobe game, here are some of the most magical options that are 100 percent Frizzle approved.

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1. Show your love for space

21 Teacher Dresses

Nothing says Ms. Frizzle dress like a pattern of constellations and planets! This is a must-have addition to any teacher wardrobe, whether it’s for science class, astronomy day, or just for fun. If you’re not into the sleeveless look for work, try pairing it with a light-gray cardigan (a vital staple in any teacher’s capsule wardrobe).

Buy it: Vintage Sleeveless Starry Sky Planet Dress at Amazon

2. Add a great collar to your space dress


21 Teacher Dresses

If you want a collar with your dress, you have three different awesome colors to choose from. The planet even has a smile on it!

Buy it: Vintage Peter Pan Collar Planet Dress at Amazon

3. Wear a dress and a hoodie all in one

21 Teacher Dresses

Yes, it is possible! This dress will definitely be comfortable. They have lots of cool patterns to choose from, including the three you see here.

Buy it: Pullover Hoodie Fleece Dress at Amazon

4. Be a walking geography lesson

21 Teacher Dresses

A Ms. Frizzle dress doesn’t need to have a space theme. This map dress is pretty awesome. It’ll pair great with a cardigan or jean jacket. The price is right too!

Buy it: Map Tank Dress at Amazon

5. Show your love for birds

21 Teacher Dresses

Birds are always a good choice for showing a little eclectic style. This dress has an adorable collar that’s removable.

Buy it: Vintage Bird Dress at Amazon

6. Go for a vintage flair

Vintage grey dress

This is a classic teacher dress, and we’re sure Ms. Frizzle would approve. This dress is versatile—great as an everyday outfit or for a special event.

Buy it: Vintage Princess Plaid Collar Swing Dress at Amazon

7. Add a little country to your look

21 Teacher Dresses

If Ms. Frizzle was going on a field trip to a dairy farm, she’d definitely wear this dress. And the pockets are adorable!

Buy it: Checkerboard Retro Midi Dress at Amazon

8. Choose bright and happy

21 Teacher Dresses

These are on the dressier side of things. Perfect if you were to be a prom chaperone.

Buy it: 3/4-Sleeve Swing Dress at Amazon

9. When life gives you lemons … make a gorgeous dress!

Dress with lemons on it

Will your students make lemon jokes all day? Yes. Will they forget you? Never. Would Ms. Frizzle be proud? Absolutely.

Buy it: Lemon Dress at Amazon

10. Support reading with your wardrobe

Girl and woman holding hands wearing dress with books on it

This dress is perfect for English teachers, librarians, and book lovers everywhere! Bonus: It has pockets! 

Buy it: Book Print Dress at Etsy

11. Show off your DNA

21 Teacher Dresses

Dress up this T-shirt–style dress from RedBubble with tights and a pair of heels for a chic and comfortable classroom-ready look. Especially perfect for science, chemistry, and biology classes.

Buy it: Graphic T-shirt Dressat Redbubble

12. Celebrate the weather

21 Teacher Dresses

This fun and memorable pattern is exactly Ms. Frizzle’s signature look. I think this would be great for elementary school teachers who have students report the weather! If it seems a little short for work, pair it with solid-color leggings—check out the choices from this great list of our favorite leggings for teachers.

Buy it: Weather Short Sleeve Dress at Amazon

13. Go prehistoric with a dino dress

Black dress with dinosaurs on it

You don’t need to teach science to obsess over—or wear—this dress. Dinosaurs! It’s educational and fashionable.

Buy it: Dino Dress at Amazon

14. Get wild with animal prints

Dress with giraffe print

Can’t take your class on a zoo field trip this year? No problem! This fun dress is perfect for elementary or science teachers—anyone who loves animals (so, basically, everyone). Pair with leggings and a sweater to complete the look!

Buy it: Leopard Dress at Amazon

15. Encourage your students to reach for the stars

Dress with constellations on it

Space and constellation prints are a staple in Ms. Frizzle’s closet. The ¾-length sleeves make it great for work!

Buy it: Star Dress at Amazon

16. Make math fun

Dress with math symbols on it

The fit is slim and flattering, the print is nerdy and chic, and the color combo of black and white is classic!

Buy it: Math Dress at Amazon

17. Try not to make the headlines

Blazer with comic newspaper on it

Teaching journalism? A rhetoric and composition class? Do you just love words—or cats? This Frizzle-perfect blazer is guaranteed to make you the hottest news around. Bonus: Blazers are big this year!

Buy it: Newspaper Blazer at Amazon

18. Ryan Gosling meets science teacher

Shirt with moon and sun

I think if Ryan Gosling was a science teacher in Crazy, Stupid, Love, he would have definitely been wearing this shirt. I like the muted colors in this button-down. Still, proudly repping your subject area. 

Buy it: Sun Moon and Stars Shirt at Amazon

19. Reach for the stars in this shirt

Shirt with stars on it

Teaching constellations? Connect the dots for your students with this astronomical button-down shirt! 

Buy it: Constellation Shirt at Amazon

20. Remind students about the magic of science with this tie

Tie with science quotes

This fun tie covers all of your scientific bases! It also sports a reminder of the power of science, “Science: Like Magic but Real.” 

Buy it: Science Tie at Amazon

21. It’s always a good time for polka dots

21 Teacher Dresses

They never go out of style, and Ms. Frizzle would totally rock them. This affordable dress gets great reviews on Amazon.

Buy it: Polka Dots Retro Swing Dress at Amazon

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21 Teacher Outfits That Will Make You Feel Just Like Ms. Frizzle