12 Rewarding Ways Teachers Can Work From Home

Use your skills from the comfort of your own home.

How to Teach From Home

You love connecting with kids, and you love the art of teaching. But maybe you’re looking for a more flexible lifestyle. Perhaps you want work you can do part-time from home. Well thanks to the ever-increasing supply of online-education platforms, the chance to teach from home has become an exciting reality for many people.  

We did the research, and here are 12 terrific options for teaching at home.

Work for an online school:

One option for teaching at home is to be an online teacher. You still provide the same guidance and expertise to your students, you just do it from home. Some of these programs work with kids who are schooled remotely, and some are supplements for schools to use with kids who need a little bit more instruction. 


If you’re looking for a full-time remote teaching job, K12 fits the bill. Not only does K12 offer health, dental, and vision insurance, it also offers 401K plans and bonuses. In addition, there are opportunities for professional development and PTO. Yearly salaries start around $37,000.

Although there are many advantages to working for K12, not everyone is a fit. For a first-hand account from someone who tried it, check out thisreview.  

Proximity Learning


Proximity Learning is a fully accredited online-education provider that employs certified K–12 educators. They prefer candidates with a master’s degree and two or more years of experience.

The logistics are unique for every teacher, depending on their preferences. Teachers are paid by course and usually work two to five days per week. The minimum commitment is five hours per week.


Elevate K12

Elevate K12 delivers live online group instruction as a supplement for students who attend brick and mortar schools and need intervention, acceleration, or enrichment. Teachers work from home and set their own hours. Teachers can expect to earn $12–16 per hour.

Connections Academy

This fully accredited, online private school serves students in grades K–12 throughout the US. Associated with Pearson Education, it is billed as a “targeted digital learning solution.”

Salaries are competitive and vary depending on job title, years of experience, education level, teaching subject, and special skills. Also, once you are employed by Connections, salary increases are tied to your performance. Connections does offer benefits, such healthcare, a 401K, and paid leave.

Or teach English to students overseas:

There are many organizations that employ teachers to teach English to students in China. All of the companies featured below offer many of the same benefits: flexible hours, prepared curriculum, competitive pay with bonus pay for extras, no interaction with parents, and professional support. 


Qkids has a very user-friendly curriculum and software that teachers use to teach 30-minute lessons to 1–4 children. You can opt to teach anywhere from six to 19 hours per week. The pay rate is $16–20 per hour.

To read a full review featuring teachers who’ve tried it, click here. 


VIPKID’s online platform provides students with one-on-one, full-immersion language and content classes based on the US Common Core State Standards. Pay is $14–22 per hour.

For an insider’s guide to getting the job, click here. 

Magic Ears

Magic Ears employs teachers to instruct one to four students between the ages of four and 12 for 25-minute sessions. It also has opportunities for teachers to branch out to other positions, such as interviewer, trainer, and social-media administrator. The pay range is $18–22 per hour, with incentive bonuses.


Landi employs a peer-instruction model that they claim improves students’ sense of competition and improves the efficiency of cooperative learning. Pay is $18–25 per hour.


YiyiEnglish’s learning platform combines video chat, interactive lessons, and collaborative workspaces to create a rewarding experience for teachers and students. Pay is $15–18 per hour.


DaDaABC’s mission is to be the best online international school in China. According to Glassdoor, wages range from $14–19 per hour. Factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, the average annual salary is reportedly $37,800.

iTutor Group

Touted as “the most versatile online learning platform,” with 20,000 teachers in its workforce. iTutor Group requires a seven-hour minimum commitment per week, with no upper limit, and a one-year contract length. Average salaries are reportedly $1,500–2,000 per month. 


Teachers that work for SayABC use an interactive platform with pre-uploaded National Geographic lessons. Each class is 40 minutes, and the salary is reported to be $21 per hour.

If teaching is your passion but the traditional classroom is just not working for you, then it is worth the effort to find the right fit. In addition, switching to online teaching can free up your time and energy to find more balance in your life. 

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