25 Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

It’s time to get your side hustle on.

We know teachers shouldn’t have to work a second job. But in these times of uncertainty and school closures—and with summer on the horizon—we wanted to share options of completely legitimate and creative ways teachers can make extra money.

Note: if you’re wondering which opportunities might be most profitable, check out this Priceonomics article that breaks down the side-hustle earning potential.

1. Sell your lesson plans.

Teacher Pay Teachers has changed the way teachers get and share content. Chances are you’ve downloaded something from it yourself. So why not take your great lessons and put them on there, too? Here’s an article on how to get started on Teachers Pay Teachers . We hope it helps you.

2. Try tutoring online or in person.

Check out local tutoring places to see if they’re looking to hire or post on your own ad on social media or parent or neighborhood groups.  Wyzant is a great virtual option you might also want to check out.

3. Be a teacher with VIPKID.

Though it’s related to tutoring, VIPKID is so big that it deserves it’s own spot. Check out this article if you want to know how VIPKID works. Here’s another article about myths around VIPKID.

4. Write an e-book.

Do you have an amazing curriculum that people are always asking you for? Maybe it’s time to write an e-book and share your wealth of knowledge while increasing your monetary wealth a bit. Kindle Direct Publishing is a good way to do this because then your work is available on Amazon, but there are other programs out there, too.

5. Make money by flipping furniture.

Have you ever been to a thrift shop and come across a gorgeous piece of old furniture that needs a little (or a lot) of love? Well, with the right redo, this piece could earn you $1,000! This is a legit teacher side hustle, and we love this article with great tips on how to flip furniture.

6. Sell your stuff.

Chances are most of us can stand to clean up and clean out. You can go the traditional route and hold a rummage sale. Or get it listed online, using sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. OfferUp is an app you can try as well.

7. Buy and sell designer brands.

Do you love to hunt for amazing vintage clothing items or good deals on name-brand items? Turn around and sell those on apps like Poshmark, which is popular for clothes, purses, shoes, and more. There are people who have a serious teacher side hustle on there once they figure out which vintage items to look for and then sell.

8. Become a picker.

No, not playing the banjo or guitar, though that’s not a bad teacher side hustle either! This idea has to do what the American Pickers do by finding hidden treasures and then reselling them. It could be a great way to justify your love of rummage sales or antiquing.

9. Run a delivery service.

So many people are needing items delivered to their front door. There are several services you can sign up with to be a delivery driver, using your own car. Door Dash is one of them. Another couple to check out is Amazon Flex and Postmates.

10. Get paid to shop.

Similar to delivery services, you can earn money while shopping for others. Grocery delivery is very popular these days, and companies need shoppers. Shipt is one option, and Instacart is another.

11. Make meals for others.

Do you love cooking? Learn how to take your love of baking and making into cash with a local meal service. When you do this in bulk, it can really be a good earning opportunity. Here are some tips to get started.

12. Sell your own talents.

Experiences are the next big thing, with people offering their expertise directly to consumers. Look into a site like Skillshare to offer a class online. Dabble is another one we love, and Fiverr is also worth exploring.

13. Be a virtual assistant.

Being a virtual assistant is something many people could do. This might involve getting a local business person’s accounting organized or taking on appointments or emails for someone. It really could include anything. So if you like working with people and can help in this way, spread the word.

14. Sell your stock photos.

You know all those photos you take? Now you can turn them into cash. Here’s a good article outlining the process and comparing different sites.

15. Weed, mow lawns, and do handy work.

If you can do any of the above, you can quickly put up a Craigslist ad for free. You can also use nifty services like Lawn Guru(think of it as the Uber of mowing lawns). You can also try Handy or Task Rabbit. If you’re a little unsure about putting up a Craigslist ad, just remember that you don’t have to say yes to anyone. Carefully screen people first.

16. Check out a temp agency.

Check with local temp agencies for a seasonal gig. It’s a low-risk option for making some extra money.

17. Become a real estate agent.

You can be a part-time real estate agent, taking on just a few houses or clients at a time. Plus, if you’re a teacher who has summers off, this is the perfect job for you because that’s the height of home-buying season.

18. Write for WeAreTeachers.

Yes, please. We are always open to writers, and we actually pay! Here’s a free freelancing tip: Pitch a strong article and get familiar with the site. For instance, you don’t want to pitch an article on amazing teacher podcasts because we have that already!

19. Write for other educational websites.

We say “other” in a loving way. There are lots of websites out there needing freelancers and companies looking for curriculum writers. Check out the jobs page on eNotes or just go to your favorite educational publisher or company and ask if they’re looking for teacher writers. Warning: Not all of these opportunities pay the greatest, but they could be a good way to get your foot in the door.

20. Market your own website.

If you have an existing website, you can check out affiliate programs, like ShareASale, that allow you to earn money from ads and other affiliate offers. Another similar one is MaxBounty.

21. Open an Etsy shop.

Are you that teacher who has a perfect Pinterest classroom and is just naturally crafty or artsy? Take that talent to Etsy. We recommend specializing in a craft to start with. This way you can build up your reputation and ranking in Etsy search. We also recommend doing a little research first so that you’re not offering something that many people already do.

22. Be a sitter or nanny.

School closures and summer break tend to be challenging times for parents, and so being a sitter could be a fun and easy way for you to bring in a little extra income. Ask your local connections or try a website like Care instead. (They also have a section for tutors, housekeeping, etc.)

23. Become a user tester.

You can give sites and companies feedback by testing out their products, reading their material, etc. User testing connects real people to companies who need this service. Check it out here.

24. Start a social media business.

Nearly every brand or company needs social media these days. If you’re savvy at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others, market yourself as a social media guru. Now this is a legit, full-time job for some. But if you’re looking to get started, go to local brands that you already follow or are a customer of. Ask them if they need help on social media. It might only be a small amount of earnings (or just free stuff instead), but it can be a nice start! Hint: Start with brands you naturally love. They’ll see that, and you’ll do better overall.

25. Sell your old electronics.

Before they get old(er) and (out)dated, try selling your electronics. Amazon might offer to buy them. And we also recommend checking into Gazelle.

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Plus, take a look at these companies that hire teachers during the summer. 

25 Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

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