16 Ideas For Student Mailboxes That Fit Any Budget and Classroom

They’ve got mail!

Collage of student mailboxes on a budget.

Sometimes it seems like teaching is one endless round of collecting and passing out papers. Student mailboxes keep the hassle to a minimum, plus they teach kids the responsibility of checking their boxes each day. Mailbox options run the gamut from more expensive models that will last for years to inexpensive and DIY options to fit more modest budgets. We’ve rounded up all our favorite student mailboxes ideas here. (If you’re concerned about keeping separation between students and supplies this year, we’ve found a couple of options that work for that too.)

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1. Customize pre-made student mailboxes

Premade wooden, slotted organizer custom painted to be a classroom mailbox

If you’re in this for the long-haul, invest in this sturdy wooden organizer (available on Amazon). It comes in plain white, but with a little paint and time, you can create a cute or funky piece that fits your own style.

Source: @ourelementarydaze

2. Try the milk crate system

Repurposed milk crate with file folders being used as a classroom student mailbox

Hang file folders in a crate to make student mailboxes that don’t take up much space. And that clever flag on the side lets them know they’ve got mail: genius!

Source: @abcsinroom123

3. Hang shoe organizer cubbies


Vertical shoe organizers being used as a classroom student mailbox

Make use of a closet rod, or hang these student mailboxes from a clothes rail. Either way, it’s an inexpensive and innovative solution! ( Find those shoe organizers on Amazon.)

Source: @las.vegas.teacher


4. Or try a shoe pocket organizer

Clear pocket shoe organizers being used as classroom student mailboxes

These are usually sold as over-the-door organizers, but you can hack them to hang on a wall too. And they’re so affordable! Get a well-reviewed shoe organizer on Amazon.

Source: @mrsburtsclassroom

5. Tape folders to their desks

In a year when teachers and students will need to keep their physical distance as much as possible, this simple idea might just be your best bet. It keeps students from congregating in one area to pick up their papers.

6. Use magazine holders as student mailboxes

Colorful magazine holders student classroom mailboxes

Whether you buy inexpensive cardboard models or invest in sturdier plastic or metal options, magazine holders make great mailboxes. We like these colorful ones from Amazon.

Source: @msk1ell

7. Magazine holders work horizontally too

Magazine holders for student mailboxes

Turn plain magazine boxes on their sides and tape them together. Then, cover them with contact paper, and you’ve got cool student mailboxes!

Source: @thegototeacher

8. Add photos for younger learners

Pictures will help your youngest learners know which box is theirs. (This is especially nice when you have a class with 4 Emmas and 3 Jacobs.)

9. Invest in drawer organizers

Slide-out drawer organizers as classroom student mailboxes

Drawers make student mailboxes a little more private, which is great for returning graded papers. Grab a 4-pack of these stackable 3-drawer sets on Amazon.

Source: @sparkling_in_second

10. Label student mailboxes with binder clips

Binder clips with labels featuring student names label student mailboxes

Instead of putting new stickers on each year (and then trying to peel them off later), try the binder clip trick! These are easy to make and simple to move around as needed.

Source: @theocblog

11. DIY with upcycled cans

Repurposed tin cans being used as student mailboxes in a classroom

How cute is this set of student mailboxes? Those repurposed cans have a whole new life in the classroom!

Source: @classroom_diy

12. Turn a pocket chart into mailboxes

Black pocket chart with multicolored file folders as student mailboxes

Pocket charts have so many uses in any classroom. Here, they serve as a really easy space-saving mailbox solution. Buy this pocket chart here on Amazon.

13. Staple up file folders

This is similar to the pocket chart idea, but all you need is a stack of manila file folders and a stapler. Low-cost, high payoff!

14. Make an IKEA run

Black and white image of shelving with pull-out bins from IKEA being used as classroom student mailboxes

Teachers love IKEA! For a long-term student mailboxes investment, try IKEA’s beloved TROFAST collection. These sturdy hanging bins are big enough to fill with all sorts of items and will last for many years.

Source: @withaprimarypurpose

15. Use chair pockets as mailboxes

Fabric pockets on plastic classroom chairs student mailbox ideas

This is another good option for avoiding heavy traffic at a central mailbox location. You can buy ready-made seat sacks, or learn to make your own at Heather’s Handmade Life.

16. Create student mailboxes from cereal boxes

Old cereal boxes covered with decorative paper to use as classroom student mailboxes

Here’s a terrific low-cost option: save old cereal boxes and stack them into student mailboxes. Cover them with wrapping paper or contact paper for a simple solution that fits even the tightest budgets!

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