10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Classroom Turn-In Bin

Don’t let papers take over your classroom.

Classroom organization can quickly take a turn for the worse when you start adding student papers to the mix. But you can keep it under control with a little preparation and the right turn-in bin. Here are some of our favorite turn-in bin ideas, courtesy of K–12 teachers.

1. Use washi tape to organize any set of bins.

Aliceson from Sew Crafty Teacher explains to us how she quickly makes a turn-in bin using washi tape. You can easily customize this to make it work for you.

2. Make a spot for every subject.

SOURCE: Mrs. Heeren’s Happenings

Jessica writes on her blog that she’s had these bins for more than 10 years. She instructs all of her students to turn the papers in nicely and neatly, all in the same row and direction. It’s simple and effective.


3. Here’s a built-in way to check for understanding.


SOURCE: Tales from a Very Busy Teacher

These self-assessment bins collect work, keep it organized, and help this teacher know what her students need.

4. A crate is simple and genius.

SOURCE: Lone Star Classroom

This isn’t exactly a turn-in bin, but it could be! Plus, it’s no doubt a genius organization system for holding extra worksheets, games, and activity sheets for those early finishers. All it takes is a simple crate and some folders. You can learn more about how this teacher labels her crate (and where she gets her labels) by heading to Instagram .

5. Your morning routine just got easier.

SOURCE: Glitter in Third

Kelly from Glitter on Third is a big believer in the morning cart. She writes on her blog that it really has changed her morning for the better, helping her class stay organized and start the day out right.

6. When you have multiple class periods, give yourself extra room.

SOURCE: Unknown

These bins on wheels have lots of room and are clearly marked for students coming and going in different classes. This could be a smart solution for middle school and high school.

7. Be sure to make a teacher turn-in bin, too!

SOURCE: Surfin’ Through Second

This is a turn-in bin for you! Stay organized and keep your desk tidy with a simple bin that helps you easily keep track of what you need to get done.

8. Add baskets to your walls.

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Classroom Turn-In Bin

SOURCE: The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

We love these wall baskets from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. They’re held onto the wall with little hooks, and you can put them anywhere you have the space.

9. Create a turn-in bin for library books.

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Classroom Turn-In Bin

SOURCE: Unknown

If book organization is a challenge in your classroom, then consider this approach. With this idea, all students have a number and corresponding bin, where they store their books.

10. Keep it nice and simple with a single bin.

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Classroom Turn-In Bin

SOURCE: The First Grade Parade

Maybe you don’t need lots of shelves, bins, or slots. Instead, you just want to keep it simple and have a nice big turn-in bin. We like this one, especially its handles, from The First Grade Parade. There’s no mistaking what goes where because there’s only one spot.

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10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Classroom Turn-In Bin