12 Hilarious Spring Break Memes for Teachers

To get you through to the break!

spring break feature

So, is it spring break yet? Teachers find themselves asking that question quite often leading up to spring break, if not on a daily basis. We feel you, and we raise you these hilarious spring break memes for teachers. We hope they’ll help you get through those last few days (or weeks) leading up to the break. Don’t fret, the relaxation is near!

1. Hibernation mode is near.

Everyone vs. me

And I’m not the least bit mad about it.

2. Definitely in stage 3.

Stages of 2nd semester

How many days left until break for you?

3. My exact to-do list.

 to do list

Skipping, or maybe more like running.

4. I feel this one in my soul.

before and during spring break

You can make it!

5. Sad but true.


spring break bathroom meme

Embrace it while you can.

Source: someecards

6. So close!

spring break is coming meme

You’ve got this.

Source: Digital Mom Blog

7. We’re out of here.

teaching leaving for spring break

See ya!

Source: Distractify

8. Looks about right.

expectation vs reality of spring break

The dog makes it particularly accurate.

Source: @uofuhumanities

9. Yup, this is me.

me waiting for spring break

Let the countdown begin.

Source: @butleru.memes

10. Honestly, accurate.

Survive until spring break meme

I’ve been thinking about it since winter break.

Source: Teacher Vision

11. It feels like this could take years.

Skeleton waiting for spring

Waiting …

Source: Make a Meme

12. Let the countdown begin.

Spongebob spring break countdown meme

I started counting right after the holidays, TBH.

Source: Bustle

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Patiently waiting for spring break to begin? Take a scroll through these hilarious spring break memes for teachers to help get you through!