15 Memes That Sum Up English Teacher Life

My weekend is all booked.

Me when the classroom book order arrives with a picture of Jonah Hill screaming in excitement.

From reading to vocabulary to essay writing, English teachers truly cover it all. All of you language arts wizards will appreciate these English teacher memes that too accurately describe all that you do.

1. Just do it

Why do we have to use in-text citations meme

MLA is the way.

2. What were you thinking?

Making abreast a 4th grad vocabulary word, really?

That wasn’t their best idea, but thanks anyway.


3. I cannot contain my excitement

When a student reads more than the daily requirement meme

Building future readers.

4. The best day ever


Excited when the classroom book order arrives

Let’s get to reading.

5. The never-ending essays

I seemed stressed? I have 150 ungraded essays - English teacher meme

Who wants to help me grade?

Source: The Daring English Teacher

6. Cheers

Thanks to those who correctly use your, you're, they're, and there

Thanks for making my life easier.

Source: Leo/liveabout

7. Seriously?

Did you seriously ask your english teacher if spelling matters- english teacher meme

Yes, yes it does.

Source: Meme Generator

8. Similes and metaphors galore

Figurative language everywhere toy story meme

Worked like a dog on this lesson.

Source: Summit Prep

9. But it was really important

Oh you wrote in caps lock, your points must be accurate and valid

I know you were excited, but let’s tone it down.

Source: Dirty Diaper Chic

10. You must

Write in complete sentences baby - english teacher meme

No question about it.

Source: Larry Cuban

11. I don’t mean it literally

Close reading face in english teacher meme

Although, please do read closely.

Source: Cornerstone for Teachers

12. We like reading for fun, too

How I act when I get a new book- I'm going on an adventure

I wish my class got this excited.

Source: liveabout

13. How to annoy a student 101

"Can I go to the bathroom" Teacher- "I don't know, can you?"

Teachers either love or hate this one.

Source: teachwire

14. Trying to use large vocab words

using big words I don't fully understand meme

Sometimes I don’t understand big words either.

Source: Varsity Tutors

15. Love a good thesaurus

A dinosaur with a good vocabular- Thesaurus english teacher meme

Find those synonyms.

Source: Broward Schools

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15 Memes That Sum Up English Teacher Life