29 Times a Student’s Test Answer Made Us LOL

Because if you don’t laugh, you might actually cry.

1. Is this advice for the student or the teacher?

You just need to focus
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2. To be blunt, this student has a point.

Honest Answer
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3. Does bribery actually work?

Convincing Giraffe
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4. Whoa. Pressure is on, third graders!

Must Learn the Scientific Method
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5. The question does say “briefly” explain …

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6. Warren isn’t placing any bets on the advancements of modern medicine in his lifetime.


In a 100 years I will be dead
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7. At least they’re reading good books, right?

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8. Clearly this teacher isn’t familiar with Celine Dion and “The Power of Love.”

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9. Technically correct.

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10. Another “creative” yet slightly cheeky comment.

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11. A+ for creativity?

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12. We’re not sure what to make of this one.

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13. We see a future conservationist here!

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14. Oh, young grasshopper. So much to learn.

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15. Maybe this student can be a writer when he/she grows up and improve ELA passages for everyone.

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16. If you ask a simple question, you’ll get a simple answer.

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17. It’s probably best to avoid the “Are ghosts real?” debate.

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18. This student sees the world from a different point of view.

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19. Perhaps Judy needs a lesson in manners.

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20. All hail to Queen Bey.

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21. Tough love can be a good lesson.

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22. We don’t think this child lacks confidence.

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23. Now this might be a lesson for another time…

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24. Nice try, but no science teacher would ever give this partial credit.

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25. If only math could be this simple…

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26. Let’s take a moment and be impressed by this child’s vocabulary!

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27. OK wise guy … or girl. We don’t think so.

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28. No judgment. We all have issues.

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29. Well, the question was pretty open-ended.

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