Batter Up! 20 Grand Slam Baseball Activities and Crafts for Kids

Take me out to the ball game…

Baseball Activities

If you’ve got a little one missing baseball, you’re not alone. These baseball activities may be just the ticket. They’re fun and educational, too!

1. Play a game of tabletop dice baseball.

This is one of those classic baseball activities that’s actually been around quite a long time. All you need is a pair of dice and the free printable score sheets found at the link.

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2. Read a baseball book.

There are lots of terrific picture books and chapter books out there for baseball-lovers. Find 22 of our favorites here.


3. Count bats, balls, and more.


This free printable puzzle gives little ones a chance to practice their number skills by counting balls, bats, mitts, and other baseball items. It’s a fun and simple way for kids to learn.

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4. Lace a baseball.

Baseball Activities

Work on fine motor skills with easy-to-make baseball lacing cards. You can even let kids help cut out the circles and punch the holes for more dexterity practice.

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5. Practice math facts.

Baseball Activities

Baseball activities like this game are terrific for math facts. Draw a simple game board and grab some dice, then learn how to play at the link.

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6. Practice beginning letter sounds.

Baseball Activities

Use the adorable free printable cards at the link below to work on beginning letter sounds. The letters are on the mitts, with a different word on each baseball for matching.

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7. Try a word search or scramble.

These free printable baseball activities will keep little baseball players busy on rainy days, or during the seventh-inning stretch!

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8. Solve math problems.

Here’s another way to incorporate baseball into math practice. Write the answers to addition and subtraction problems on the free printable uniform pages, then attach the correct problems using Velcro.

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9. Craft a baseball bracelet.

Baseball Activities

This is a cool bracelet for any baseball fan, plus you can make two of them from a single ball! Get the full how-to at the link.

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10. Spell CVC words with baseballs.

Incorporate baseball into spelling practice! Write letters on cutout balls and work on CVC words or whatever’s on your current list.

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11. Work on number arrays.

Number arrays are an excellent lead-in to multiplication. This free printable has kids count baseball arrays and write out the multiplication sentences.

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12. Read and write about Jackie Robinson.

Combine baseball activities with a lesson in civil rights when you learn more about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in the Major Leagues.

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13. Challenge friends to Baseball Bingo.

Baseball Activities

This Bingo game was designed to be played while watching an actual game. (TV re-runs of old games work fine too!) Kids will really have to use their listening skills to make sure they don’t miss a chance to mark off a number!

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14. Or try this version of Baseball Bingo.

This is a simpler version of Baseball Bingo, but still requires kids to pay attention, watch, and listen closely.

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15. Turns bats and balls into Xs and Os.

Baseball Activities

This idea is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it! Baseball tic-tac-toe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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16. Learn how a baseball is made.

Baseball fans will be fascinated by the science and engineering behind baseballs. Do more research to learn how they design and make bats, batting helmets, mitts, and other equipment too.

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17. Hold a baseball game scavenger hunt.

Here’s another good activity you can do while watching a game. This exhaustive list of things to look and listen for will really encourage your kids to amp up their observation skills.

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18. Solve a baseball maze.

Baseball Activities

Need a quick activity? This free printable baseball game fits the bill.

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19. Conjugate verbs for a home run.

Foreign language teachers, you’re up! Write irregular verbs on baseballs, then teach kids how to play and score at the link.

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20. Make a handprint baseball keepsake.

This easy baseball craft is a sweet way to mark a child’s love of baseball. Make a new one each season and watch the handprints grow!

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Batter Up! 20 Grand Slam Baseball Activities and Crafts for Kids