10 Social Distancing Videos To Share With Kids As They Return to School

Let’s all do our best to keep everyone safe.

Two siblings holding their arm up with an arrow pointing to be six feet apart.

By now, we all know there are several things that everyone should be diligent about to help prevent the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus. Stay home if have symptoms, wash your hands regularly, keep your distance in public, and wear a mask when you’re around others. Kids have probably heard the phrase “social distancing” a million times, but as we return to school, it’s vital that they truly understand what it means. Use these social distancing videos, along with our roundup of face mask videos, to help make things clear.

Join Sesame Street characters for a socially-distanced picnic

The preschool crowd will enjoy this video featuring some of their favorite Sesame Street characters. Abby and Elmo enjoy a socially-distanced picnic in the park while they video chat with Rosita, who stays home.

Dance along with The Wiggles

Of course The Wiggles have made a social distancing video! Little ones learn why and how to social distance in a catchy song.


Get the basic info kids need

This isn’t the most exciting of social distancing videos, but it’s a good watch for younger kids. It uses clear and simple language to provide details on why and how to social distance.

Listen to a social distancing story



The story of Hedgehog and Tortoise is one of our favorite social distancing videos for little ones. The charming narrative helps kids understand that even though we can’t hug or touch each other right now, we can still show our friendship in plenty of other ways.

Find out what it looks like to go back to school this year

This sweet song for younger kids helps them understand what will be different in school this year … and what remains the same (learning and fun!). 

Sing the ABCs of social distancing

Librarian Miss Sheena explores what 6 feet of distance means. Then she teaches kids a simple song to help them remember the social distancing rules.

Understand what a safe distance really looks like


This is one of the best social distancing videos we’ve seen for explaining what six feet really looks like. It’s ideal for all elementary kids. (Note that this song uses meters instead of feet, but this can be a terrific way for U.S. teachers to introduce the metric system!)

Learn how to Greet From Six Feet

In a world where hugs, fist bumps, and high fives are forbidden, how can kids say hi to each other? Popular singer Jack Hartmann gives kids plenty of other options. Older elementary kids will enjoy his rap version.

Sing the Social Distancing Song


The song is a little repetitive, but elementary kids are going to need to hear this message over and over again. While the video emphasizes the “six feet apart” rule, it also covers basics like wearing masks and washing hands.

Let Mr. Orlando show you how to social distance

Mr. Orlando’s short video is cute and funny, and provides good examples of what six feet looks like. It’s a fun watch for kids and adults alike.

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10 Social Distancing Videos To Share With Kids As They Return to School