Since many schools will be requiring masks in the fall, we scoped out the best masks for kids on Amazon, Etsy, and other retailers. These kid-tested masks are breathable, comfortable, and easy to wear for long periods of time—try them out!

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1. Cotton Washable Anti-Dust Mask

face masks for kids

These masks deserve to top this list. My kids love them, and the athletic material they’re made from is far more breathable than other masks we’ve tried. 

2. Crayola Reusable Cloth Face Masks

These masks are cheerful, adjustable, and machine washable (they even come with a mesh laundry bag). We’re already huge fans of Crayola crayons and markers in my house, so it just makes sense that we love these masks, too!

3. Athleta Girls Non-Medical Face Masks

face masks for kids

These masks are about as comfortable as masks can be! Moreover, they contain a small metal nose piece, making them easy to adjust for the best fit. 

4. Old Navy Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Old Navy has a HUGE selection of masks for younger kids! In fact, looking at all of the patterns and options ended up making my kids far more excited and interested in wearing masks. 

5. Children’s Seamless Face Bandanas with Filter Sheet

This mask is thicker than other options, but is extremely well-made and aligns with healthcare recommendations. This mask does come with 8 filters, but you’ll probably want to order a few extras.

6. Washable and Reusable Cloth Mask

Made out of hypoallergenic material, these three-layer masks are a great option for little faces. Additionally, they have adjustable straps and nose pieces, and the youth medium size will fit older kids too (ages 10-12).  

7. Ceybo Multi Layer Reusable Face Mask

face masks for kids

These masks fit most kids under the age of 10 securely and aren’t impossible to breathe in. Despite their fairly ‘boring’ appearance, the price is right and they are functional.

8. Kids’ 2 Pack Cloth Face Masks

This mask pack is priced very affordably, and the masks themselves are made out of very soft and comfortable material. Although they don’t come with a filter, they are double-layered with space between to insert your own filter. 

9. Kids Reusable Polyester Blend Masks

Form-fitting without impairing vision, these scuba-knit masks are ideal for kids who are particularly picky about mask fabric. 

10. Gap Kids’ Unisex Face Masks

face masks for kids

Going off of cuteness ALONE, these masks obviously rank highly! In addition, they’re also very lightweight, triple-layer, and have an adjustable nose piece. 

11. Child Soft Stretch Contour Mask 3 Pack

Machine washable and environmentally friendly, these masks are the best option for active kids. Furthermore, they’re made out of a cotton, spandex, and zinc oxide blend, making them resistant to fungal growth, moisture, and bacteria!

12. Kids Organic Cotton Face Masks

face masks for kids

First of all, these patterned masks are ADORABLE. Who says being fashionable and staying safe are mutually exclusive? They’re a simple option that kids will love and feel comfortable wearing and re-wearing often.

13. Non-Slip Mask Ear Hook Extension Buckle

Last but not least, these straps aren’t technically ‘masks,’ but trust me, you want them for your kids. They enhance the fit of every mask, making them so much easier to wear; goodbye, ear pain! 

If your kids have been anxious about the pandemic and wearing a mask, they aren’t alone. Check out these tips on how to support kids’ mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic .

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13 of Our Favorite Face Masks for Kids