20 Posters, Signs, and Stickers to Promote Social Distancing in the Classroom

When we all make an effort, everyone is safer.

Social Distancing Classroom Decor and Posters

By now, we all know 6 feet is the magic number, handwashing is vital, and face masks help protect ourselves and others. But it’s easy to forget some (or all) of these things when you’re having fun playing or learning. That’s why it’s worth using these social-distancing classroom floor decals, handwashing signs, posters, and more. They’re all available on Amazon (with free shipping!), and we’ve got options that work from pre-K to high school.

Whether you’re looking for bulletin board ideas, posters and signs, or other options, these social-distancing classroom supplies have got you covered. Tip: Get started with our free printable social-distancing classroom poster !

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1. Cartoon Animal Footprints Floor Decals

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Animal Feet

Mark spots for young kids to line up with these adorable animal footprints. They come in sets of 15 pairs and are available in frog, tiger, hippo, giraffe, elephant, zebra, and bear.

2. Multicolored Shoe Footprint Decals

These colorful shoe print stickers are ideal for younger and older students alike. They come in packs of a dozen pairs each and are available in a multicolored set or single-color sets of yellow, red, purple, green, black, or blue (perfect for showing off school pride!).

3. Numbered Spot Marker Decals


Social Distancing Numbered Markers

This set of floor decals comes with 44 numbered spots and additional markers for line leader, caboose, door holder, and lights. Like other adhesive floor decals, these stay put but also remove easily when needed. Buy the set of 48 decals here.


4. Six Feet Social-Distancing Decals

There’s nothing fancy about these floor decals, but they’re well-priced and well-reviewed. You get a pack of 30 decals, available in blue or red.

5. Positive Sayings Carpet Markers

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Carpet

Carpet spots work a little differently than adhesive floor decals. They’re more like Velcro with a hook-and-loop texture that attaches to low-pile carpet. This set of 24 has positive messages printed on them, along with a bright durable vinyl surface.

6. Do Not Sit Here Seat Decals

These decals are perfect for benches or cafeteria-style seating arrangements, helping kids know how far apart to stay when sitting down. The reusable waterproof stickers come in a set of 20.

7. Handwashing Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Decals

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Handwashing Decals

This set of six colorful decals is great for bathroom mirrors or other smooth surfaces. The reasonable price means you can afford to buy multiple sets for the whole school.

8. Don’t Spread Germs Decals

Those cheery little germs may look harmless, but COVID-19 is not. This 4-pack of peel-and-stick Wash Your Hands signs works on any smooth surface.

9. Fight Germs Handwashing Instructions

Good handwashing means more than a quick rinse with water. This sign lays out the necessary steps, with reminders to focus on nails and between the fingers. It’s available in a variety of sizes and materials; find all your options here.

10. Effective Handwashing Cards

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Effective Handwashing

These 8.5×11″ inch heavy-duty card stock signs give all the detailed steps necessary for good hand washing. Buy them in packs of 5, either laminated or non-laminated.

11. Kid-Drawn Hygiene Bulletin Board Set

The relatable illustrations on this bulletin board set of 4 signs will help kids remember when and how to wash their hands. Combine them with our free printable hand-washing coloring pages to create a personalized classroom display.

12. Scrub Your Hands Floor Totem Sign

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Sign Post

If you really want to make an impact, station this “Scrub Your Hands” sign at bathroom entrance/exits. It’s nearly five feet tall, so students absolutely can’t miss it!

13. Handwashing Timer

Tired of hearing the Happy Birthday song over and over again? Try this hand-washing timer! When pressed (with a forearm or elbow, please), it lights up, then waits 20 seconds and beeps to let kids know their time is up. Reviews note that it does a great job standing up to water, too.

14. One World Social-Distancing Classroom Posters

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Namastay

This clever set of signs is one of our personal favorites. The fun pictures are terrific for a jungle-themed classroom, but any teacher can make use of this affordable 7-piece poster set!

15. Germ Busters Bulletin Board Set

Put together a social distancing bulletin board with this collection of 8 signs, reminding kids to wear their masks, avoid touching their faces, and more.

16. Social-Distancing Classroom Posters, Set of 3

Social Distancing Classroom Decor 3 Signs

These sturdy posters hit the big three: wash your hands, keep your distance, and wear a mask. Grab the set here.

17. Double-Sided Coronavirus Learning Charts

Each of these four charts is double-sided. The front side displays detailed info about COVID-19/coronavirus. The back has blanks for students to fill in the missing info. They’re all laminated for repeat use with dry-erase markers. The 4-piece poster set is perfect for biology classrooms!

18. Stop the Spread of Germs Poster

Some social distancing classroom decor is a little too childish for middle or high schools, but this one works for any age. Buy your own copy here.

19. Emoji Stickers With Masks

Emojis are the new gold stars, and these emojis are all masked up to stay safe! You get 20 sheets of repeating patterns, 400 stickers overall. They’re perfect for classroom incentives.

20. Coronavirus Awareness Bookmarks

Social Distancing Classroom Decor Bookmarks

Here’s another cool classroom incentive that’s a perfect sign of the times. This set of 12 bookmarks has a water-resistant coating, so they can be wiped off and sanitized.

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20 Posters, Signs, & Stickers to Promote Social Distancing in the Classroom