7 Genius Teacher-on-Teacher Pranks You’ll Want to Pull Tomorrow

These will make classroom life a bit more fun.

teacher pranks on other teachers

We may not want to admit that there is truth to the crazy that ensues at the end of the school year, but it’s there. We’ve all seen those teachers memes with frazzled, exhausted educators barely hanging on. And unfortunately, this is us more days than not in May. When the kids start checking out and the weather starts warming up, I have the perfect way to channel your restlessness into something productive: teacher pranks on other teachers.

Here are seven ways you can liven up the end of the school year:

1. The Classic “Stapler in the Jell-O”

teacher pranks on other teachers
Take a page from the book of Jim Halpert and conceal a stapler inside a Jell-O mold. Grab the stapler off a coworker’s desk after she leaves for the day and gather a whole lot of Jell-O, a bowl, dental floss, and duct tape. First, use the dental floss to hold the stapler upright, taping the floss on the sides of the bowl. Then, fill the bowl with Jell-O. It takes some time for the Jell-O to set. Use this time to find inspiration for your next workplace shenanigan.

2. Air Horn Under the Chair

teacher pranks on other teachers
Understand that this prank may result in profanities so choose your target carefully. You’ll need an air horn, packing tape, and someone ready to film the moment when your coworker decides to take a seat. Tape your air horn underneath the target’s chair. You may need to rig it up a little higher by placing tape underneath the air horn. This prank works best when you are co-teaching with someone so that you are there to witness the inevitable panic dance and scream.

3. Petroleum Jelly on the Water Bottle

teacher on teacher pranks
I do think you’re ready for this jelly. This prank is simple and requires just two things: petroleum jelly and your coworker’s water bottle. Simply cover his water bottle in a nice coat of petroleum jelly and wait for it to slip out of his hands. This also works for Tabasco sauce, Italian dressing, or whatever condiment your target likes to keep in the staff fridge.

4. Desktop Lock Screen


teacher on teacher pranks
Warning: Do not pull these teacher pranks on other teachers on a Monday morning. Any other day of the week, screenshot your coworker’s desktop and then set as her lock screen. This way, when she goes to access the internet or desktop files, all she’ll get is frustration. Hopefully, followed by laughter.

5. Post-It Under the Mouse Sensor

Grab a Post-It (the mini Post-Its work best), which should be available on any teacher’s desk. Cut the Post-It small enough that it cannot be detected. Then use it to cover the mouse’s sensor. Test it out to make sure the mouse will not move. This will likely result in a call to the technology coordinator at your school. I’ve had to apologize to mine twice.

6. Fill Every Drawer and Cupboard with Ping Pong Balls

This will forever be the greatest prank in the history of teacher-on-teacher pranks. It works best with an Amazon Prime membership, as it requires 864 ping-pong balls to execute properly. After you have ordered your stash, fill up your buddy’s desk drawers and cupboards with a Ping Pong avalanche. Add a clever note such as “Have a Ballin’ Day” to truly achieve baller status.

7. Make it Rain (Ping Pong Balls)

Go to the school under the cover of darkness (this prank is not illegal but it makes it fun if you take the mission seriously). Bring your bed sheet, safety pins, Velcro, rope, wall hooks, and all the ping-pong balls you ordered on Amazon. Make a sack out of your bed sheet with safety pins to hold the balls in and then use the rope to suspend it, connecting the rope to the wall hooks. Fill the sack with as many ping-pong balls as you can fit and clasp it shut with Velcro. Then tie the rope to the door handle and watch the balls come raining down as the door is opened.

What are your favorite teacher pranks on other teachers? Share in the comments!