17 Terrific Second Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

Tips and tricks from your peers.

We love teaching, so it’s always great to be inspired by other educators who are just as passionate about what they do. While social media can be a real distraction, some are using it to share ideas and create a virtual community. We’ve put together a list of the best second grade blogs and teachers to follow. Their tips and resources can help you take your classroom efforts to the next level!

Cutie Pat Wozie HQ

Why we love them: Kelsey’s got fun tips for room decorating, but she also has a great attitude and infectious smile.

Must-read post: After a month of distance learning, she puts a positive spin on a challenging situation.

Life Between Summers

Why we love them: She shares sweet pictures of her family on Instagram while being open about the realities of juggling motherhood and a career.

Must-read post: Check out these five engaging strategies for teaching kids vocabulary words!

Amy Lemons


Why we love them: Amy offers strategies for at-home learning, the magic of math, reading, and more on her fantastic second grade blog.

Must-read post: She shares a friendly reminder that, while we’re all trying our best, it’s so important to take a break sometimes!

The Elementary Darling

Why we love them: Erin shares excellent resources for the diverse, multicultural second grade classroom.

Must-read post: She offers a glimpse into her at-home workspace and feelings about being happy to spend more time with her baby, but also missing her classroom.

Sailing Into Second

Why we love them: Aris specializes in low-prep resources for almost every topic. These are perfect for your lessons on the go!

Must-read post: She shares the very sweet book, “What Can You Do with a Paleta?” which is perfect for promoting diversity in the classroom or celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Easy Teaching Tools

Why we love them: Her Instagram is a great mix of colorful resources, real talk, and uplifting messages.

Must-read post: Boundaries are important and this post talks about setting office hours while distance learning to save your sanity!

True Life I’m A Teacher

Why we love them: Theresa’s got good tips for staying on track—even her Instagram is ridiculously organized and color-coordinated!

Must-read post: Tired of buying a planner and only using it for a few days? Theresa shares the one that changed her life!

The City Teacher

Why we love them: From book lists to organizational tips, Katie shares how she supports her classroom.

Must-read post: You’ll laugh out loud at this video of how things can quickly change when you’re doing online learning.

The Teacher Wears Prada

Why we love them: Nesli has fantastic free resources for teaching second (and third!) grade math in a fun and engaging way!

Must-read postShe believes in working hard, but also shares great reminders like this one that we also have to practice self-care.

The Sprinkle Topped Teacher

Why we love them: Nicki is passionate about education, physical fitness AND snacking. What’s not to love?

Must-read post: Kids will love this easy STEM activity for elementary students (especially because it involves mini marshmallows)!

A Bubbly Classroom

Why we love them: Brianna clearly works hard with her students, but she also knows when to put her feet up!

Must-read post: We spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong. This refreshing post was a celebration of a day gone right.

Cute In Second

Why we love them: Scroll through Kara’s Instagram feed and you’ll quickly be making notes about classroom ideas, bulletin boards and more!

Must-read post: This inspiring post about Chicago’s first Civic Action Awards will get you fired up about community leadership!

Read Like a Rock Star

Why we love them: Naomi directly confronts racism in the classroom, our homes, and society.

Must-read post: There’s a freebie included with her article on “How to Make Vocabulary Stick.”

Busy Mrs. B

Why we love them: Alyssa puts a strong emphasis on the value of teamwork and collaboration with her fellow teachers.

Must-read post: This honest post about the mixed emotions that come at the end of maternity leave will be relatable to many.

True Tales of a Teacher

Why we love them: Kori is not afraid to talk about real-life struggles. She’s funny and tells it like it is!

Must-read post: Kori created a zoom art lesson where she encouraged students to make colorful window drawings to brighten up their neighborhoods.

Applicious Teacher

Why we love them: Leigh offers tips for creating hands-on and engaging lessons that align with the standards.

Must-read post: She shares a list of 14 items you need to be successful at distance learning!

School With Jules

Why we love them: From scuba gear to rain boots, we love the costumes Julia wears to give her students a truly immersive experience.

Must-read post: Check out this sweet poster she made in anticipation of the day she’d be reunited with her students after distance learning.

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17 Terrific Second Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow