Ready to transform your classroom into a learning environment that’s fun and engaging for you and your students? Say no more! We’ve done the research to get you motivated to take on a fantastic and affordable makeover. Check out this list of 22 vibrant and inspiring second grade classroom ideas to help you get started!

1. Know your classroom rules

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Storage, Classroom Rules, and Table Points. ✔️ Just a few of my classroom must-haves! ✨🌈💜 I love my rule posters from @kindercraze! My ikea storage is amazing and I wish I could fit 10 more in my room. 🤩 Then I add @maniacsinthemiddle labels to table caddies and to the whiteboard to keep track of table points! 💛 • • • • • • • • • • #teachersofinstagram #teachersupportteachers #teachersfollowteachers #teacgersofig #teacherlife #teach #teacher #secondgrade #secondgradeteacher #classroom #secondgrader #secondgraderocks #secondgradeclassroom #classroomorganization #classroomdecor #classroomorganization #classroomsetup #classroompinspirations

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Set the tone by letting your students know exactly what you expect in your second grade classroom.

2. Make it chic, but affordable

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This was my classroom last year on meet the teacher, and I was so excited to meet my first group of 2nd graders , since I had only taught 4th and 5th graders for 4 years. They were all so excited to come into my classroom, and I was probably even more excited to welcome 18 adorable 7 year olds! . . However, this year, I am truly so anxious, nervous, and confused about this school year. I usually have everything planned out, my classroom is fully decorated by now, and all the centers cleaned and organized. But unfortunately I have 0 clue if we will be even able to use anything, I know we won’t be able to even have a gathering area rug 😫 and let me tell, that rug has a lot of learning and memories on it 😭 and probably snot too 🤪🤣. . . But in all seriousness, are you just as anxious and nervous about this upcoming school year!? . . . . . #classroom #classroomdecor #targetdollarspot #tpt #teacherspayteachers #secondgrade #iteachtoo #secondgradeclassroom #teachersofinstagram #cactusclassroom #cricut #classroomlibrary #bigjoe #classroomorganization #target #michaels #tjmaxx #homegoods #marshalls #fivebelow #classroomsetup

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Yes, you can absolutely replicate this posh look by raiding the budget sections at Target, TJ Maxx, and even Five Below!

3. Show them your support

Let your students know that they can “follow their arrow” wherever it points and you’ll be right there cheering them on!

4. Make math fun!

Math can be intimidating, but this adorable wall makes it feel more accessible!

5. Create a safe space

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A calm down corner is a great asset to any classroom and any grade level. This corner is typically filled with stress toys or other items in order for a student to regulate their own emotions when they may be upset or frustrated. Even as adults, we sometimes need a chance to breathe and come back to something once it doesn’t bother us. By implementing this, we are promoting students to take a minute to breathe and think about how they’re feeling. Here is a perfect calm down setting and some potential ideas of what may be in a calm down corner for your students. Special thanks to @pinterest for the picture of what a calm down corner could look like! Also, the items on the second picture can be bought as a bundle on Amazon! 💖 #teachersofinstagram #secondgradeclassroom #calm #literature #backtoschool

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We all hit rough patches throughout our day, so give your students a space where they can decompress.

6. Offer some inspiration

Who doesn’t need a sweet reminder to keep going and reach higher?

7. Life’s better with pom poms

Even the most drab classrooms can get a boost from hanging some fun decorations.

8. Give them a soft place to land

Adding a plush rug (dark colors hide A LOT) to your library area makes it feel cozier.

9. Reading Corners Are The Best

Give your students multiple seating options, kind words, and good books.

10. Elevate your flexible seating

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I'd ❤ to know what you think…⁣ ⁣ What is your favorite part of this classroom nook?⁣ a) chairs⁣ b) coffee table⁣ c) rug⁣ d) bulletin board paper⁣ e) other (please specify)⁣ ⁣ Tell me in the comments below! 👇🏻⁣ ⁣ This classroom space was created and shared by @secondgradebrigade – Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your classroom Ariana!⁣⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #classroomdecor #flexibleseating #flexibleseatingclassroom #elementaryclassroom #firstgradeclassroom #secondgradeclassroom #thirdgradeclassroom #fourthgradeclassroom #fifthgradeclassroom #iteach1st #iteach2nd #iteach3rd #iteach4th #iteach5th #cfclassroom #clutterfreeclassroom

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Don’t shy away from elegant decor for your fabulous second grade classroom!

11. Focus on setting goals

Dedicate an entire space to support your students’ dreams!

12. Recycle, reuse, re-purpose!

Get creative about your DIY classroom decor. This old tire makes a unique seat!

13. Keep it simple

You don’t have to spend tons of money or clutter your room to create a great space.

14. No cubby? No problem!

Use tabletop organizers to help kids keep track of their work.

15. Go with classic and understated

Give your students a neutral reading space and let their imaginations soar!

16. Let them explore

What do they want to see? How do they want to sit? Create a second grade classroom with options.

17. Make it magical

Cute little accents and string lights add some whimsy to your classroom.

18. Get Hooked On Book Nooks

Providing a wonderful reading nook can help students get hooked on books.

19. Up, up and away!

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Last night was my 13th annual Open House (I think so, anyway…anyone else ever forget how many years they’ve been teaching?) 👵🏼. . . . I have to laugh to myself, because this year as I typed up the list for the classroom tour that the kids give their families (swipe to see), I realized that the walls of my room are pretty much my TpT store in living, breathing physical form 🤣 Most of what I create is what I use with my own students, so I guess that’s bound to happen! *I can’t take credit for the “All About Plants” though, that comes from my good friend Rachel @literacywiththelittles 💕 I’ll be sharing more about her awesome resource tomorrow!* Anyhow….Open House was a success, and now I’m ready for the 3 day weekend!! Happy Friday, friends! 💃🏻

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Use bright colors to make STEM topics more exciting (we love those hot air balloons, too)!

20. Use your wall space

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Here’s a peek at my classroom for Open House! It’s nothing fancy this year, but it reflects our everyday learning and routines. I think it’s important to give the parents a glimpse of what their child is really doing at school rather than a whole horse and pony show👩🏼‍🏫 It’s a long day, so at this point I’m just hoping I make it through! 😬 Does your school have Open House? • • • #openhouse #classroom #classroomdecor #elementaryclassroom #bulletinboards #teach #teaching #teacher #teacherlife #teacherstatus #teachertalk #teachersbelike #tracherssupportingteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersofinsta #fancypantsteacher #secondgrade #secondgradeteacher #secondgradeclassroom #iteach2nd #2ndgrade #teachersrock #teachersofig #teachersofthegram #teachertribe #elementaryschool #iteachtoo #iteachsecond

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Short on floor space? Use your walls to create informative and engaging sections of content.

21. All are welcome

A comfy rug, organized shelves, and a well-used chalkboard invite curiosity.

22. Show some love

We can’t control what happens outside our classroom, but we can let our students know that they are loved when they are with us.

Plus check out the ultimate checklist for setting up your second grade classroom.

If these ideas inspired you, join our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group and come talk with the very teachers who suggested them!

22 Vibrant & Inspiring Second Grade Classroom Ideas