Is It Scratch Paper or Scrap Paper?

The Internet debate we didn’t know we needed.

Is it Scratch Paper or Scrap Paper?

Last week, Twitter user @zellie got our brains turning with a debate that is only fitting for testing season: Is it scratch paper or scrap paper? It turns out, the teachers of Twitter have strong feelings on this issue, with some educators coming in hard for #teamscrap:

While others claimed allegiance to #teamscratch:

It turns out the difference in opinion could be regional, with the West and the Midwest leaning toward #teamscratch and the Northeast representing #teamscrap. Other educators, however, swear that the terms have different meaning, and as such, different uses. The general consensus is that scrap paper means leftover pieces from projects, while scratch paper is a “temporary workspace.”

We’d love to hear—are you #teamscratch or #teamscrap? (For the record, we’re #teamscrap.) Come share in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook.

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Is It Scratch Paper or Scrap Paper?