21 Entertaining and Educational Sticker Books for Kids of All Ages

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Stickers have been a mainstay of childhood for too many years to count. We all remember the pride of having a happy-face sticker affixed to one of our school papers. Perhaps we even had an old desk or bed that was covered in stickers, because kids just can’t resist sticking them where they don’t belong. Luckily, stickers have come a long way over the years and today there are countless options for sticker books where kids can practice fine motor skills, get creative, and even learn new things right inside the pages. Of course, using stickers simply to decorate and express themselves is always an option, just preferably not on furniture (unless they’re reusable stickers)! Know a child who loves stickers? We’ve compiled a list of the best sticker books that are both fun and educational for kids of all ages.

1. All Around Town Sticker Activity Book

A book cover is divided into four scenes; a country scene, an animal scene, a city scene, and an ocean scene (best sticker books).

This spiral-bound sticker book has multiple scenes to add stickers to as well as several coloring pages. This book will definitely keep the little one in your life entertained for hours.

Buy it: All Around Town Sticker Book at Amazon

2. A Sticker Book on the Human Body

A yellow book has a cartoon little boy on it and stickers that look like parts of the body.

This book features larger-than-normal stickers so they are easier for tiny fingers to grasp. We think this unique sticker book will be a fun introduction to the many systems and parts of the human body.

Buy it: Jumbo Stickers for Little Hands: Human Body at Amazon

3. National Geographic Kids Creepy Crawly Sticker Activity Book


A book says Creepy Crawly Sticker Activity Book and has images of bugs on it.

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, bugs are seriously intriguing! While the 1,000 stickers would be enough to keep anyone busy, this book also boasts mazes, spelling and pattern games, and drawing activities.

Buy it: National Geographic Creepy Crawly Sticker Activity Book at Amazon

4. Language Learning Stickers (Italian)

A green background has white letters that say Language Learning Stickers. It features stickers that have words in Italian on them.

What better way to reinforce commonplace words in another language than to put stickers on everyday objects with those words? This is educational fun that the entire family or classroom can all get in on.

Buy it: Language Learning Stickers at Amazon

5. First 100 Words Sticker Book

A book has stickers of everyday objects on it with the word printed underneath it. They include socks, shoes, rubber duck, and cup. (best sticker books)

Teach your little one their first words with the reusable stickers in this book. We especially love that the pages are grouped by categories that include things like farm animals, toys, and things that go.

Buy it: First 100 Words Sticker Book at Amazon

6. A Geometry Sticker Book

A dark blue background has a white circle on the center that says Mad for Math; Make Space for Geometry. There is a rocket ship, equations, and shapes also featured.

This book introduces upper elementary school students to the basics of geometry through activities, games, and eight pages of stickers. We especially love that students can test their knowledge then check their answers in the back.

Buy it: Mad for Math: Make Space for Geometry at Amazon

7. Paint by Sticker – Kids

A book says Paint by Sticker in rainbow colors. A butterfly is made up of different colored rainbow stickers.

This is the perfect book to work on concentration as well as hand-eye coordination. Another bonus is that the end result will be totally frameable!

Buy it: Paint by Sticker Kids: Rainbows Everywhere at Amazon

8. Stuck on Learning Math Stickers

Multiple zoo animals are featured on a green background on this book cover. Stickers with numbers on them are also shown. (best sticker books)

This book focuses on mastering the numbers 0-12 through a variety of activities that utilize the 400-plus stickers inside. We especially love that the last page of this perforated book features an award certificate that can be personalized to your little math student.

Buy it: Math Stickers: Ages 3-6 at Amazon

9. NatGeo Kids Super Space Sticker Activity Book

A book with a blue background has planets on it and says SPACE Sticker Activity Book. (best sticker books)

Since many kids are intrigued by outer space, this book will appeal to a broad audience. Let your little science lover learn all about the solar system while having fun with stickers!

Buy it: National Geographic Kids: Super Space Sticker Activity Book at Amazon

10. Atlas of the World Sticker Book

A book has a globe on it and landmarks from different cities across the world. (best sticker books)

The best sticker books are the ones that teach kids while they’re also having fun. Since geography is an often overlooked knowledge area, gift the little one in your life this book so they can get a jump start on learning about continents and maps!

Buy it: Atlas of the World Sticker Book at Amazon

11. An Occupations Sticker Activity Book

What’s better than playing with stickers while you contemplate your future career path? Kids will appreciate that they don’t have to flip back and forth between sticker pages and scenes since each occupation is laid out nicely in one spread.

Buy it: Occupations & Jobs Sticker + Coloring Book at Amazon

12. Eyelike Animals Reusable-Sticker Book

A white background has a bunch of different animal stickers on it (best sticker books)

Regardless of what you’re favorite animal is, it is guaranteed to be found in the pages of this fun sticker book. Some of the best sticker books are the ones that have reusable stickers like this one.

Buy it: Eyelike Stickers: Animals at Amazon

13. So. Many. Stickers.

A cover shows a grid that has So Many Stickers on it in orange text on a black background. The bottom of the cover has a bunch of different stickers on it.

Teens love stickers too, but finding sticker books that will appeal to them can be a challenge. We think they will love this book with its many options that can be used in journals, notes to friends, or school planners.

Buy it: So. Many. Stickers. 2,500 Little Stickers for Your Big Life at Amazon

14. Brain Games Sticker by Number Mosaic

A blue background says Sticker by Number Mosaic and has a stained glass looking mosaic on it.

This is another option for the older students in your life, or even the adults! We love that this creative book works on hand-eye coordination and patience all while providing stress relief.

Buy it: Sticker by Number: Mosaic at Amazon

15. Skillmatics Dot It! Mess-Free Stickering Activity

A yellow box says Dot It! and has sheets of tiny dot stickers. There is another sheet in the forefront that has dinosaurs that have been "colored" using the dots.

Unlike messy paints and markers, these colorful dots provide a fun way to color without ruining clothes or upholstery. The best sticker books are equally creative and educational. Kids will walk away from this book with a basic understanding of different types of dinosaurs.

Buy it: Dot It! A Mess-Free Stickering Activity: World of Dinosaurs at Amazon

16. Melissa & Doug On the Farm Puffy Sticker Play Set

A book cover is shaped like a barn and has puffy stickers on it that look like farm animals and a farmer.

Grab this cute little puffy-sticker book instead of a tablet the next time you are going for a long car ride with your little one.

Buy it: Melissa & Doug: Puffy Sticker Play Set: On the Farm at Amazon

17. A STEM Sticker Adventure

A book cover shows cartoon female scientists and astronauts. The text reads Science! STEM Sticker Adventure.

Equally fun and informative, this sticker adventure book teaches about various STEM fields like paleontology and marine biology. While not strictly for girls, we love the emphasis this book places on women in STEM.

Buy it: Science! STEM Sticker Adventure Book at Amazon

18. ABC Alphabet Sticker Book

A Book cover has a large A B C on it and says Alphabet Sticker Book. It has a pink plane on it with two cartoon animals in the windows.

This is the perfect sticker book for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their letters and beginning to identify sight words. In addition to the stickers, there are also areas to use dry-erase markers to work on letter formation.

Buy it: ABC Alphabet Sticker Book at Amazon

19. So. Many. Letter Stickers.

A book cover has a grid on it and in black boxes with yellow lettering it says So Many Stickers. There are a variety of letter stickers in different colors and fonts shown.

There are endless possibilities for what the letters in this book can be used for, including school posters, art projects, and wall decor. The funny fonts and shapes of the letters provide for maximum creativity.

Buy it: So. Many. Letter Stickers. at Amazon

20. Spanish Dictionary Sticker Book

A yellow book cover says My Spanish Sticker Dictionary. It features 9 stickers of everyday objects with the Spanish word underneath.

They say the best time to learn a new language is while you are still young, so why not get your little one this Spanish dictionary? Kids will have fun placing the stickers on the pages while learning the Spanish word for lots of everyday objects!

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21. A Sticker Book All About Shapes

A bluish-purple cover says My Shapes; Sticker Activity Book. It has lots of stickers on it like a little girl, a tug boat, and a sun.

This adorably illustrated sticker book reinforces the concept of shapes through activities and stickers. We love that little ones will be learning without even realizing it!

Buy it: My Shapes Sticker Activity Book at Amazon

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Kids of all ages love stickers. Pique their interest with one of the best sticker books on the market from our list!