51 Raspberry Pi Projects That Teach Robotics and Electronics

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Looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your students about technology and programming? Step into the exciting world of Raspberry Pi projects, where students can learn practical innovations for real-world situations while having a blast!

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer about the size of a credit card that is terrific to use in classrooms to teach students about coding, electronics, and computer science. It’s an excellent tool for demonstrating programming concepts, introducing students to electronics and robotics, and creating interactive projects.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. AirPlay Speaker

Airplay Speaker- raspberry pi projects

An old speaker turned into a wireless boombox makes group presentations and class discussions more engaging by sharing audio content, from music to podcasts.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay Speaker

2. Altitude Meter


Man standing on top of mountain range with arms spread wide- raspberry pi projects

Calculating measurements in physics class just got better. Use this BME280 sensor to estimate altitudes with air pressure readings.

Learn more: Measure altitude

3. Construct a Bug Habitat

Bug habitat with snacks in cardboard box- raspberry pi projects

Monitoring a bug’s life with a spy camera in these Raspberry Pi projects makes biology a lot more interactive. Students can even bring out their artsy creative side with some glitter poster paper to decorate an awesome insect home.

Learn more: Making a Mini Beast Habitat

4. Make a Drum Set

Drum set made from measuring cups and whisk- raspberry pi projects

Absolutely everyone enjoys jamming out with common household items. A playable instrument is made with a Raspberry Pi and some alligator clips, and metal measuring cups may be transformed into playable instruments.

Learn more: Electric Drumset

5. Light Up Artwork

Van Gogh Starry Night painting

Art and science collide as your pupils include night-lights in their creations. Lights activate automatically at night in fantastic Raspberry Pi projects. Exactly what teachers of creatively inclined students need to pique kids’ interest in technology.

Learn more: Light Sensor Raspberry Pi

6. Invent an Interactive Toy

Interactive toy shaped like a robot head and body

Teaching a lesson about magnets? Here’s a great and easy way to put them to use in the form of a DIY toy that resembles a doll or action figure that can talk, move around, or generate noise.

Learn more: Invent an interactive toy

7. Design a Greenhouse

Glass box filled with plants In classroom- raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

A Raspberry Pi and an Arduino board make almost any plant in this controlled environment easy. Students may cultivate plants in optimum conditions at any time of year by regulating environmental variables like temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation.

Learn more: Greenhouse

8. Smart Mirror

Why check your phone in the morning when you have a magic mirror to look into? While they are in the bathroom touching up their hair and brushing their teeth, kids can check the weather, read the headlines, and listen to an inspiring speech all from the convenience of their mirror.

9. Build a Supercomputer

LEGO with Raspberry Pi boards? Not only is building your own personal computer rewarding, but students can also gain valuable insight into the inner workings of computers and the interconnections between their many components by constructing their own PCs.

Learn more: Supercomputer

10. Minecraft Pi

Minecraft mania is still prominent with kids and teens. And “Minecraft: Pi Edition” is a fantastic tool for getting children interested in coding and problem-solving in the classroom. Using the Python API, students can build houses that follow them around, roller coasters, and possibly their own room for “The Floor Is Lava” challenge.

Learn more: Getting Started With Minecraft Pi

11. Traffic Lights

The game Red Light, Green Light has had a technological makeover. Just connecting LEDs and buttons to the GPIO pins allows kids to control lights and inputs. A great way to show students how computer programming can be used in our everyday lives.

Learn more: LED light Raspberry Pi

12. Make a Pet Avatar

Students can learn about the scientific, technological, and engineering principles behind making an interesting pet while also developing their coding skills, creativity, problem-solving ability, and cooperation.

13. Bird Box

Bird box in forest- raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Like the bug habitat mentioned above, these are other Raspberry Pi projects that spy on our winged friends, especially at night. With a NoIR camera module and some infrared lights, students can study infrared and the light spectrum and how to aim the camera and operate it via software, all while observing birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

Learn more: Infrared Bird Box

14. Trip-Wire Fun

Cartoon of kids dodging lasers

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Make your own Mission Impossible with this entertaining laser trip wire and buzzer. Students can work out mathematical angles to make their own maze of lasers.

Learn more: Laser Tripwire

15. Wire Loop Game

Improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and problem-solving abilities while teaching them to build electronics.

Learn more: Wire Loop Game Scratch

16. Build a Robot Buggy

Students playing with robot buggy- raspberry pi projects

Source: Vanessa Loring via Pexels

Students learn to set up a motor control board as well as move a motor chariot around the classroom. Build an obstacle course, and let the races begin!

Learn more: Robot Buggy

17. A Weather Station

What will the weather be like tomorrow? Students learn about weather patterns in this interdisciplinary activity that integrates science, math, and technology. Collect and chart weather data using a variety of sensors.

Learn more: Build Your Own Weather Station

18. Record a Plant’s Health

Cartoon of flower being inspected by magnifying glass

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Is there a plant doctor in the house? Have your kids learn how to measure the health of plants using pictures taken with a camera and special filters.

Learn more: Capture Plant Health

19. Grow Cress Egg Heads

Film a National Geographic–esque video in your classroom! Kids learn what time-lapse photography is, how cress seeds sprout, and how to make a time-lapse picture.

Learn more: Cress Egg Heads

20. Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth

Say “Cheese!” Easy and a lot of fun. You can turn your Raspberry Pi projects into working photo booths by adding a screen, camera, flash, and printer.

Learn more: The All-Seeing Pi

21. Design Solar Street Lamps

Solar street lamp using wires

Source: Nigel Borrington

Fuel students’ drive to be more environmentally aware. A great way to learn how to make a light that uses less energy.

Learn more: Real-Time Street Light

22. An Electric Skateboard or Scooter

The fun and practicality of electric skateboards and scooters make this an appealing project for many kids. Your students will use the Raspberry Pi project to write code that controls a small motor attached to a skateboard or scooter.

23. Wall-Mounted Digital Calendar

Digital calendar on wall

Playing on kids’ inability to ignore a screen on a wall, students will be put on the path of being organized and responsible with this digital calendar.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi Calendar

24. Make an Ambiance Mixer

Electronic mixing board

Source: Pixabay

Whether it’s setting the mood for a class reading or bringing in some drama for a board game during a rainy day recess, students can create sounds to work the emotions in the classroom.

Learn more: Ambiance Mixer

25. Unicorns and Rainbow Dance Party

Cartoon of unicorn with rainbows- raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Yasss! Students can use LED light rainbows and code unicorns to dance around on the screen. So many possibilities for personal mix playlists!

Learn more: Dancing Unicorns and Rainbows

26. Spidey Trickster

Electronic spider

A hilarious Halloween craft. Put together Raspberry Pi projects that play terrifying music and drop a spider from a box onto anyone under it when the button is pressed.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi Scarer

27. Robot Face

Robot face

Technology with facial expressions. Build a robot’s face out of LEGO and mechanical parts. Then, use a machine learning model to help the face respond to different things.

Learn more: LEGO Robot Face

28. Create an Interactive Book

Cartoon of open-faced book with stars and glitter spilling out - raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Using their creativity, students will be excited to form original ideas they can share with family and friends.

Learn more: Scratch Interactive Book

29. Film a Stop-Animation Video

Lights! Camera! Raspberry Pi? Students can animate anything they can imagine using LEGO, from a structure being built to characters performing a scene. Be amazed at how the class creates their own stop-motion animation movie with a Raspberry Pi, Python, and a camera module activated by a button linked to the Pi’s GPIO pins.

Learn more: Push-Button Stop Motion

30. Python Quick-Reaction Game

Can science lead to PE? Well, sort of. Wiring and writing programs to test their reaction times can improve your students’ athletic performance. Not LeBron James level, but we can try.

Learn more: Python Quick-Reaction Game

31. Make a Cat Tracker

Cat with collar on- raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Have your students ever wondered where the cat goes when they are at school all day? Now they can learn about a day in the life of a cat by tracking their fur babies.

Learn more: Find My Cat

32. The Modernized Radio

Radio with stickers on it

Source: Photo by Nothing Ahead

Most of your students will not have heard of this invention, but the challenge of upscaling something ancient with Wi-Fi could be just their frequency.

Learn more: Pi Internet Radio

33. Holographic Voice Assistant

Assistant voice in small blue box

Star Trek is within our reach with this 3D-form Alexa/Siri copycat. Teachers can delight in their students developing communication skills while coding.

Learn more: Maria

34. The Drone Pi

drone flying in the air- raspberry pi projects

Source: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexels

Popular among students and educators, Raspberry Pi projects’ value lies in the fact that they give students a chance to delve into the fascinating world of drones and discover their many uses, from mapping and surveillance to deliveries and more.

Learn more: The Drone Pi

35. An Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope on computer

Source: cottonbro studio via Pexels

Anyone interested in electronics, engineering, or physics can benefit from learning how to use this device that measures signals.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi–Based Oscilloscope

36. Possessed Portrait

Haunted portrait hanging on wall

A great creative reading for Halloween or after reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. Students build a haunted painting that follows its visitors with its eyes in an interactive art piece. A fascinating and entertaining way to learn about electronics, computer programming, and the arts.

Learn more: Living Portrait Player

37. Candy Dispenser

White candy dispenser- raspberry pi projects

Candy is a great motivator, but technology and candy make learning more engaging. It’s great for showing appreciation for kids’ efforts while simultaneously teaching valuable lessons in mechanical engineering and problem-solving.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi Candy

38. Create a Digital Advent Calendar

White advent calendar with pixie lights

Source: Torsten Dettlaff via Pexels

Each day leading up to Christmas reveals a new image with this digital advent calendar. It’s a hit with both students and educators thanks to its participatory and celebratory aspects.

Learn more: Sense HAT Advent Calendar

39. Design a Sense HAT Marble Maze

Marble in a maze

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

This entertaining activity will have your students constructing a real-world maze and monitoring the progress of a marble ball with the help of a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT. These Raspberry Pi projects stimulate innovation and cooperation while teaching practical coding and problem-solving skills.

Learn more: Marble Maze

40. Make an Electronic Puzzle Box

Cartoon of puzzle box with faces- raspberry pi projects

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Users solve a series of puzzles to reveal the secret inside the box. Great for students to test one another’s problem-solving skills and creativity.

Learn more: Sense HAT Puzzle Box

41. Tweeting Babbage

Teddy bear wearing shirt

Students will love transforming a stuffed animal into a Twitter bot that automatically uploads photos to their profile. This cuddly toy combines the pleasure and learning of social media exploration with the teaching of coding, robotics, and electronics for a win-win for students and educators.

Learn more: Tweet Toy

42. Ultrasonic theremin

Hand waving over a computer screen

Source: hackster.io

Students make a musical instrument by using ultrasonic sensors. Designing and constructing can inspire students to think beyond the box in areas as diverse as music, electronics, and computer science.

Learn more: Ultrasonic Theremin

43. Temperature Log

Temperature log - raspberry pi projects

Source: Scott Campbell

A gadget for keeping records of trends in temperature. Students learn how to analyze and record data, and professionals in industries like agriculture, food safety, and climate research gain valuable insights into temperature trends and swings.

Learn more: Temperature Log

44. Parent Detector

Cartoon of students looking at computer

Students will be excited to use these Raspberry Pi projects to keep tabs on who has been in their room. They can construct a device to identify parents by using a motion sensor to start a video recording with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Learn more: Parent Detector

45. An Automated Jack-o’-Lantern

Jack-o-lantern with fog around it

Source: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

This motion-sensored pumpkin can be a lot of fun. While promoting hands-on learning, it provides an engaging activity during the Halloween season.

Learn more: Halloween Raspberry Pi

46. An Android Things Lantern

Lantern with candle inside

Source: Ahmed Aqtai via Pexels

A video projector with laser illumination can greatly benefit class presentations. Students create projects in which digital information is displayed on real-world surfaces.

Learn more: Android Things Lantern

47. Stress Buster

Stress buster screenshot

By making a button to control their own animated stress ball, students can improve their creativity and technology skills while learning ways to deal with stress.

Learn more: Raspberry Pi Stress Buster

48. 3D LED Science Display

Raspberry pi display board

Students can learn about how technology and science work together through this project, and both teachers and students will enjoy the chance to show off their skills and imagination in an eye-catching way.

Learn more: 3D Science

49. Make a Guitar or Violin

Man strumming guitar

Source: Akshar Dave via Pexels

Music and computer science merge as students make creative choices on how to wire a musical instrument.

Learn more: Scratch Musical Instrument

50. Design an LED Game

Make a game out of exploring electric circuits.

Learn more: LED Game

51. Sense HAT Music Player

Cartoon of friends

Source: Robbie Lodge via Midjourney

Make an MP3 player with a Raspberry Pi and a Sense HAT. Students will be able to switch between songs on their playlists, change the volume, and show a cool disco display on the LED grid.

Learn more: Scratch MP3 Player

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