5 FREE Printable Posters of Awesome Kid President Quotes

Get your daily dose of awesome.

Kid President seems to make everything a little bit better and joyful. He’s been such a positive influence on students, teachers, and people in general. Plus, he offers some great words of wisdom that make for great lessons in the classroom. Since we know so many educators use Kid President as part of their classroom lessons, we decided to pull together some of our favorite Kid President quotes to feature in this set of FREE printable posters. Go forth and spread positivity to your classroom and school!

Oh, and be sure to follow all things Kid President by creator Brad Montague. He’s written and directed all 180+ episodes of the web series, and you can learn more about his work by following him on Twitter or finding him on Instagram. Be sure to check out the amazing resources they’ve made available for educators, too.


1. When you want to encourage kind words …

Kid President Quotes Nice to Say

This is always a good message for you students to encourage positive thoughts, comments, and actions. Download this poster now.

2. When it’s been a tough day …

Kid President Quotes Life if Tough

Both students and teachers have tough days, and this poster is a great way to brighten anyone’s day. Download this poster now.



3. When you need to get silly …

Kid President Quotes Dance

Sometimes you just need to have a dance party! Everyone knows Kid President as a kid who likes to dance, so put some jams on for those rainy recess days. Download this poster now.


4. When you want to build character …

Kid President Quotes Somebody

This is a another good reminder to choose positive words and actions. It works great in any classroom setting. Download this poster now.


5. When you’re looking for a class motto …

Kid President Quotes Awesome

Every day is a good day to be awesome. Encourage all your students to aspire to this. Download this poster now.