18 Free and Fun Interactive Google Slides for Elementary Math Students

Hands-on math practice for every kind of classroom.

Math Google Slides

Elementary math teachers rely on all kinds of hands-on math manipulatives to make learning more meaningful for their students. With many classrooms now virtual, teachers have to find new ways to offer kids engaging math activities. You can have them find manipulatives at home , but interactive Google Slides are another terrific option to try. All of these slides are free, plus you’ll find plenty more for sale on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. They all add up to great experiences for young learners!

1. Practice counting skills

Interactive Google Slides Teaching Mama

This set of interactive Google Slides offers young learners the chance to work on counting to 10 in a variety of ways. Drag-and-drop activities give little hands some fine motor practice too.

Learn more: Teaching Mama

2. Work with 10 frames

Interactive Google Slides Life Over Cs

10 frames are terrific tools for elementary math. This set of slides introduces numbers up to 10, so you can use them for all sorts of early math activities.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/ 10 Frames

3. Double the 10 frame fun


Combine 10 frames to work on higher numbers with this slide set. It’s an excellent way to introduce addition.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/Combining 10 Frames

4. Tell time with interactive clip cards

This is a good option for virtual math centers. Kids “clip” the clothespin to the correct time on each digital card.

Learn more: Fun Learning for Kids/Telling Time Activity

5. Learn 2-D shapes

Interactive Google Slides Life Over Cs 3

Try using this set of interactive Google Slides together with your class. After students match the real-life object to the correct shape, ask them to look around the room and identify another item with that shape.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/ 2d Shapes

6. And 3-D shapes too

It might be a little harder to find objects in the room for each of these 3-D shapes. Instead, just have kids name other items they’ve seen that match the shape in question.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/ 3d Shapes

7. Identify before and after numbers

Work as a class or independently to identify the numbers that come before and after the one shown on the screen. A variety of images make this an engaging activity.

Learn more: Miss Learning Bee/TpT

8. Customize editable math mats

These slides are customizable, so you can focus on specific skills and differentiate for various learning levels. Smart!

Learn more: Fun Learning for Kids/Editable Math Mats

9. Play Addition Bump

Interactive Google Slides Tales From Outside the Classroom

Kids love Bump games, and this one is playable entirely online. Even the die is an interactive element! 

Learn more: Tales From Outside the Classroom/Addition Bump

10. Cover up to practice addition

Here’s another quick game for two players. Try dividing your class into teams and letting them take turns giving their answers for an interactive online game.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/Addition to 10 Cover-Up Cards

11. Try base ten math mats

It’s just not practical for every kid to have a full set of math manipulatives at home. That’s why we love these interactive Google slides, which simulate the ever-popular math cubes.

Learn more: Fun Learning for Kids/Base Ten Math Mats

12. Focus on place value

Mastering place value is a key skill for elementary math students. Try these slides that emulate the flip cards many teachers use in their classrooms.

Learn more: Math Tech Connections

13. Solve missing number puzzles

Challenge kids to use their higher thinking skills with these missing number puzzles. There are ten of them in the free set, perfect for bell-ringers or early finishers.

Learn more: Math Geek Mama

14. Explore non-standard measurement

Non-standard measurement is a foundation skill to prepare kids for more precise methods. When hands-on measurement practice is impractical, try these interactive slides instead. 

Learn more: Fun Learning for Kids/Non-Standard Measurement

15. Compete to win Multiplication Bump

Here’s another Bump game, this one for older kids working on multiplication. Teaching online? Try using games like this in virtual breakout rooms so kids get a little time working with each other.

Learn more: Tales From Outside the Classroom/Multiplication Bump

16. Convert fractions to decimals

Fractions and decimals are tricky for a lot of kids. Let this cheery monkey bring a little fun to the learning!

Learn more: Let’s Break It Down/TpT

17. Count coins and money

Handling money is another one of those vital math skills that kids usually practice with hands-on activities. These slides are a good substitute.

Learn more: Fun Learning For Kids/Count Money

18. Graph rainbow bears

How adorable are these little bears! Your students will love learning about graphing skills with these cuties to keep them company.

Learn more: Life Over Cs/Rainbow Bear Activity

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18 Free and Fun Interactive Google Slides for Elementary Math Students