No need to rely on tricks to treat yourself and your students to Halloween fun. In fact, it’s frightfully easy to find cute Halloween classroom decorations, activities, and games without breaking the bank!

Although we love a good DIY project (and have a bunch of great Halloween ideas to try!), it’s also nice to pick up some easy, ready-made options. With that in mind, we rounded up tons of incredible Halloween party decorations and games that all cost less than $20. We even found some amazing choices for under $5! The best part: kids will have too much fun to realize they’re learning and honing essential skills with each one.

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1. Halloween Countdown Calendar

Halloween countdown calendar with ghosts and bats

Help kiddos keep track of how many days are left between them and their candy hauls with this adorable felt calendar. The bat attached with ribbon can hang out in each day’s pocket until it’s time to move him, then mark off the previous date with a ghost. 

Price: Under $20 

Buy from Amazon: OurWarm Halloween Advent Calendar 2021

2. Pumpkin Dartboard

Pumpkin dartboard with soft balls instead of darts

Don’t worry, this “dartboard” uses soft bean bags rather than any pointy objects. Students can take turns tossing them at the jack o’lantern design as a playful way to work on math skills while they rack up points!

Price: Under $15

Buy from Oriental Trading: Pumpkin Dartboard

3. Educational Halloween Prints

Halloween wall art with ABC's and simple vocab words

How delightful are these Halloween ABCs and vocab designs? You can print them off to display in your classroom or as individual sheets. Either way, kids can enjoy learning new words and writing silly, spooky stories with them.

Price: Under $5

Buy from Etsy: Halloween Educational Decor

4. Halloween Classroom Wall Art

Halloween wall art with pun-inspired phrases

If you’re just looking for some new art to put on display and make everyone smile, these punny phrase prints are a perfect fit. 

Price: Under $10 

Buy from Etsy: Halloween Wall Art

5. Spider Web Halloween Game

Colorful spider web with sticky spiders to toss onto it

We can always count on Target to have Halloween decorations that are fun and budget-friendly! The sticky spiders will be a big hit with students while they fling them at the target. Bonus: it looks cute on your wall in-between rounds. 

Price: Under $10

Buy from Target: Web Splat Game with 4 Spiders

6. Halloween Tic Tac Toe Game

Felt pumpkin with tic tac toe game using ghosts and bats

Bats and ghosts take the place of traditional Xs and Os with this lovely spin on the old-school game. It comes with 12 game pieces (six each), and the soft felt material is easy to fold up and store between playtimes.

Price: Under $15

Buy from Walmart: Ankishi Felt Tic Tac Toe Game Set

7. Halloween Floor Toss Game

Floor toss game with silly faces

The goofy faces on this large game will definitely give kids the giggles as they play. The vinyl fabric is easy to clean and super durable against grabby hands or little feet inevitably trampling across it. 

Price: Under $15

Buy from Oriental Trading: Halloween Floor Toss Game

8. Peanuts Halloween Decorations

Peanuts themed bean bag toss game

The Great Pumpkin might be a no show again this year, but you can still have a blast with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Psst: Take a look at our favorite fall bulletin boards and door ideas for some matching decor inspo!

Price: Under $20

Buy from Oriental Trading: Peanuts Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game

9. Halloween Bingo Game

Dry erase boards with Halloween bingo game design

Teach your kids that the thrill of yelling “BINGO” can be even sweeter than their Halloween night sugar rush. This reusable dry-erase version also makes it easier to play without having to worry about tiny pieces getting jumbled around or printing off a ton of paper copies.

Price: Under $10

Buy from Oriental Trading: Ghoul Gang Dry-Erase Halloween Bingo Game

10. Halloween Dice Game

Halloween dice game with funny activities written on it

A quick roll of these soft foam dice will get creativity flowing with prompts to dance like a ghost, sing like a spider, howl like a werewolf, and countless other silly combos. Aside from acting things out, students can use them for fun writing prompts. 

Price: Under $10

Buy from Target: Halloween Dice Game

11. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Pin the nose on the pumpkin game with smiling pumpkin

Younger kiddos will get a kick out of this pumpkin’s silly face while they attempt to get its nose in place. The paper is a bit thin, though, so it’s a good idea to run the pieces through a laminator before playing. (Check out our list of best laminators for teachers!)

Price: Under $5

Buy from Oriental Trading: Silly Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin Halloween Party Game

12. Halloween Ring Toss Game

Inflatable spider with rings to toss on legs

Inflatable Halloween decorations like this little guy will look great hanging around the classroom even when he’s not getting rings tossed at his legs. 

Price: Under $15

Buy from Target: Spider Ring Toss Game 

13. Halloween Maze Puzzles

Mini mazes with Halloween pumpkin, candy corn, and "trick or treat"

Nothing teaches the importance of patience and focus quite like these little puzzles. There’s also a valuable lesson in bouncing back from frustrations when the tiny ball doesn’t do exactly what they wanted!  

Price: Under $10

Buy from Oriental Trading: Halloween Trick-or-Treat Maze Puzzles

14. Halloween Matching Pairs Game

Halloween match game pieces

It will be hard to forget the adorably ghoulish characters behind each of these 28 matching pairs while boosting memory skills! The 3.5-inch pieces are perfect for letting little hands flip around without falling into sneaky classroom crevices and getting lost. 

Price: Under $10

Buy from Oriental Trading: Ghoul Gang Matching Game

15. Halloween Stacking Game

Orange stacking Jenga game with pumpkin shaped topper

You can leave these stacked up as Halloween decorations when they’re not being used to hone hand-eye coordination and dexterity. They can also be a colorful year-round activity with the pumpkin toppers stored away after the spooky season ends.  

Price: Under $10

Buy from Target: Halloween Stacking Game

16. Halloween Spoon Game

Long spoons with plastic eyeballs

These bugged-out eyeballs are pretty easy to keep balanced in the deep pockets of the long spoons, making it great even for younger kids. You can make it more of a challenge for your older students with a tricky obstacle course.

Price: Under $10

Buy from Oriental Trading: Halloween Spoon Game

17. Halloween Witch Ring Toss

Witches hats stacked together with rings to toss

This game is another clever way to get more bang out of just a few bucks. Leaving the hats out on their own will add to your classroom’s bewitching decor when they aren’t getting rings flung over them for points!

Price: Under $10 

Buy from Target: Halloween Ring Toss Game

18. Pumpkin Pop It Fidget Toys

Pumpkin shaped pop it fidget toys

Step one: Check out a few of our favorite ways to use these popular fidget toys. Step two: Add a few adorable pumpkin options to your classroom collection to help everyone embrace the Halloween spirit while they learn!

Price: Under $15

Buy from Amazon: Halloween Pumpkin Pop It Fidget Toys

19. Halloween Mini Puzzles

Halloween mini puzzles with werewolf, mummy, and Frankenstein designs

You can never have too many puzzles, especially when they have such delightful Halloween designs like these! They’re sold in sets of 12 with 24 pieces in each puzzle, so you can stock up on plenty to pass around.

Price: Under $10

Buy from Oriental Trading: Halloween Mini Puzzles

20. Jack-O-Lantern Bean Bag Toss Game

Jack-o-lantern shaped bean bag toss game

It’s hard to decide which is cuter: the pumpkin or the little candy corn bean bags that come with it. The cutouts add an extra challenge for older kids, while the sturdy design and net backing make it easy to hang onto for repeat uses over the years.

Price: Under $20 

Buy from Oriental Trading: Jack-O-Lantern Bean Bag Toss Game

21. Mummy Bowling Game

Mummy-shaped bowling game

Spare yourself from wasting tons of TP on homemade versions of this popular game with a budget-friendly option which, again, makes for quaint Halloween decor while sitting on a shelf in your classroom in between strikes. 

Price: Under $15

Buy from Target: Mummy Bowling Game

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