Kids love candy, and kids love science. Why not combine the two and try some of these fun, easy Halloween candy experiments that will not only get your kids excited about science but help empty that plastic bucket!

1. Dissect a candy bar.

This lesson plan offers a starting point that can be adapted for other candies.

2. Make a Skittles rainbow!

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Little Bins for Little Hands

This isn’t just a cool science experiment, it’s like a beautiful art project! Simple (just two ingredients) and quick.

3. Remove the “M” from M&Ms

You can actually make the Ms float! The video above explains it all.

4. Take the candy acid test.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Play Dr. Mom

A simple experiment to test whether candy has acid in it. All you need is sour Skittles, water, and baking soda. If the candy has acid, the mixture will bubble and fizz when the baking soda is added.

5. Make your own candy vending machine.

There are a lot of variations of this project on YouTube, but it’s sure to challenge students’ engineering and planning skills.

6. Dance with gummy worms.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Playdough To Plato

This simple activity is perfect for little scientists who want to see creatures come to life before their eyes.

7. Create an edible solar system.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: School Time Snippets

This awesome hands-on activity is paired with the book Planets by Ellen Hasbrouck. Kids will love constructing their own galaxy on a pan of brownies with leftover Halloween candy. (Ask parent volunteers to provide the brownies.)

8. Inflate balloons using Pop Rocks and Nerds.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Learn Play Imagine

Your students will think they are performing magic with this fun experiment! This version is a fun one, as kids get to try varying amounts of different candies and observe the results.

9. Instigate a Mentos and Diet Coke eruption.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Steve Spangler Science

This amazing experiment is a classic! Your students will love creating Diet Coke geysers as they learn about chemical reactions. Note: definitely an outdoor activity!

10. Grow gummy bears.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Playdough to Plato

Little ones will love this Alice in Wonderland–style experiment. Using water, salt, and gummy bears, your students will learn about the process of osmosis.

11. Keep your eye on the disappearing candies!

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Lemon Lime Adventures, Dissolving Peeps,  Dissolving Candy Pumpkins

What makes these candies dissolve the fastest—and why? Your students will get a taste of the scientific method as they experiment with different liquids and leftover Halloween candy.

12. They’re melting!

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science shares this activity that experiments with the effect of heat on different types of candy. Your students will be surprised by the different reactions of Smarties, Pixy Sticks, Lifesavers and more! Great activity for teaching predicting and the scientific method.

13. Take the oil test.

Halloween Candy Experiments

SOURCE: Candy Experiments

Who knew candy had more than just sugar in it? This experiments using Starbursts and heat is eye-opening.

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13 of Our Favorite Halloween Candy Experiments