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Halloween is almost here! It’s a great time of year to capture kids’ attention and imagination. That’s why we created this free Halloween writing paper to help your entire class get into a festive spirit. These are perfect for sending home as well as a writing assignment in the classroom.

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Fun ideas for Halloween writing prompts:

  1. Write recipes for spooky potions. Encourage students to include a list of ingredients as well as step-by-step directions, just like a real recipe. Students should also describe how their magic potion works!
  2. Create real estate listings for haunted houses. Study actual real estate listings online. Then have students re-create the main components, only for the spookiest mansions ever!
  3. Write costume-inspired acrostic poetry. Have students write acrostic poems in tribute to their Halloween costumes. Just write the Halloween costume down the side of the page (e.g., GHOST) to get started.
  4. Should trick-or-treating have an age limit? Why or why not? Challenge students to write an opinion piece defending their position.
  5. Ask students to create social media profiles for a character from a scary book or movie. Is Frankenstein’s monster just misunderstood? Maybe his tweets will let us in on the truth.
  6. What will Halloween look like in 2100? Encourage students to read about the history of Halloween and predictions social scientists are making about the future to use as the basis for their writing.
  7. Invite students to research and write about a Halloween custom that is different from their own. Whether it’s a special meal, designated trick-or-treat time, or costume tradition, there are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween!
  8. Challenge students to write twists on classic Halloween stories. What if a vampire likes the daytime or is scared of blood? What if a ghost is terrified of people, instead of the other way around?
  9. Name your favorite Halloween candy and tell us why it’s your favorite. Invite students to write an opinion piece on their favorite treat—or even a ranked list, explaining their reasoning.
  10. Why do people like scary movies and haunted houses? Ask students to share their thoughts or poll their family and friends.
  11. Invite students to write a not-so-spooky story. Maybe it starts out spooky but turns out hilarious instead.
  12. Create a Halloween party menu. Write detailed descriptions of all the food and drinks.
  13. Write a letter to a ghost, witch, or goblin. What do students wish they knew about these creatures?
  14. Have students write from the point of view of a witch or a ghost. What is it like to fly through the air on Halloween night?
  15. Rewrite the ending of a favorite Halloween movie or book. Have students share their alternate endings with their classmates—but be sure to include spoiler alerts!
  16. What is your favorite Halloween costume? Why?
  17. Would you spend a night in a graveyard for $100? Why or why not?
  18. Create a Halloween monster. Describe it in detail!
  19. Draw a corn maze. Now, write up the instructions for someone who is lost to find their way out.
  20. Finish this story: “The lights went out in the toy store. Then one doll blinked.”

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Yes! I Want My Free Halloween Writing Paper