Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to create spooktacular Halloween bulletin boards and doors for your classroom. We pulled together some of our favorite ideas with help from our favorite Instagram teachers. Plus, check out our fall bulletin boards and owl-themed bulletin boards, too!

1. Focus on spooktacular reading

Reading is Spooktacular halloween bulletin boards

Source: @lindseynstapleton

2. Combine Halloween and science

Halloween and the Animal Cell bulletin boards

Source: luckytoteach

3. Celebrate your bookish bats!

Bookish for Bats Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @thedesignerteacher

4. Get batty for your grade

Bats Bulletin Board

Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher

5. Mummify your door

Mummy Bulletin Board

Source: My Classroom Ideas

6. Do the Monster Mash

Monster Mash Bulletin Board

Source: Room 108

7. Celebrate Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

8. Add cute monsters

Monster Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

9. Adorn your door with Frankenstein

Frankenstein Bulletin Board

Source: Imagenes Educativas

10. Showcase your little monsters

Little Monsters Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

11. Celebrate your witchy-y side

Witch Bulletin Board

Source: Crafty Morning

12. Incorporate spooky eyes

Spooky Eyes Bulletin Board

Source: Enokson

13. Create a Spooktacular village

First Grade is Spooktacular

Source: @g.l.beans

14. Add candy corn art

Kindergarten is Sweet Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @hollymarie195

15. Create a web of good books

Get Caught in a Good Book

Source: @trendenterprises

16. Incorporate Anti-Bullying month and choose kindness

Use Words that Lift Spirits

Source: @kennedyart81

17. Display adorable Frankenstein art

Frankly we Love Kindergarten Halloween bulletin boards

Source: @itsallgoodwithmisshood

18. Spiderwebs, ghosts, and spiders, oh my!

You are Faboolous

Source: @applesandabcs

19. Create an adorable pumpkin patch

Adorable pumpkins on a Halloween board

Source: @glitterandhummus

20. Read more BOOks!

Read More BOOks

Source: @debrowand

21. Frankly this class is sweet!

Frankly this Class is Sweet

Source: @theprimaryparade

22. Make a tangled web of math

Tangled in Math bulletin board

Source: @beautyandthebeachteach

Do you have favorite Halloween bulletin boards and doors? Share links in the comments below!

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22 Spooktacular Halloween Bulletin Boards and Door Decorations