30 Brilliant Bulletin Boards To Try This October

You’ll “fall” in love with these ideas.

October bulletin board ideas including leaves falling off tree for National Custodial Worker Day and social media safety tips falling out of a trick-or-treat bag.

There is no shortage of important days and weeks in October to gather inspiration from when planning your classroom bulletin boards and doors. You can have fun making spooky Halloween-themed boards or get more serious with boards honoring custodial staff or National Indigenous Peoples Day. You can also include bulletin boards or doors decorated to share anti-drug and anti-bullying messages. Check out our list of the best October bulletin board ideas below.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Bulletin Boards

1. Mapping Native America with photos

An October bulletin board idea shows a yellow background with an outline of a map of the United States done in wood beads. The top says Native American and there are images of native Americans inside the map.

This bulletin board would be the perfect fit for your classroom to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 10. To replicate this board, make an outline of the United States out of a bead garland before adding photos of Native Americans.

Source: Fox Chapel Country Day School in Pennsylvania

2. Profile of an important holiday

This October bulletin board idea shows a banner that reads Culture Club. The Board says October 8 is Indigenous People's Day. The left side of the board shows a Native American profile with a headdress on.

October bulletin board ideas should include those that honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day like this simple but on-point board. The real feathers in the headdress certainly add an extra oomph to this board. Be sure to change the date since Indigenous Peoples’ Day occurs on the second Monday in October each year, not the same date.

Source: Pinterest/Eastvalley Elementary, Marietta, Georgia

3. Web of first Americans


October bulletin board ideas like this one show a map with the text "The First Americans." Images of various native americans and accompanying text is displayed to the left of the map.

Grab a map and get started re-creating this informative and interesting bulletin board honoring important Native Americans and where they are from.

Source: Pinterest/Anna Searcy

4. Backdrop for books

A Board reads "National Native American Heritage Month." A talking stick, dreamcatcher, and other items are attached to the board. Several books on native americans re shown beneath the board.

This board was created for National Native American Heritage Month but it would work equally well for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Adding items like a dream catcher and a talking stick will add interest to this backdrop for books on Indigenous communities.

Source: Pinterest/St. Joseph Public Library

5. Wearable bulletin board

October bulletin board ideas include Indigenous People like this one honoring the Maya. Handmade masks surround images with informational text.

Have your students create masks honoring the Maya, and then decorate this bulletin board with them!

Source: Twitter/Potters Gate Primary

Bullying Awareness Month Bulletin Boards

6. Stop in the name of bullying awareness

A bulletin board shows multiple stop signs that open with a flap. The outside has a question about bullying and the inside reveals the answer.

Since October is Bullying Awareness Month, this interactive bulletin board will help dispel myths about bullying while promoting kindness. Students can read the questions on the stop signs and then lift the flaps to read the answers.

Source: Friendship Circle

7. Lending a hand to stop bullying

October bulletin board ideas includes this one on a black background. Multi-colored hands cover the board. The text reads "take a stand," "stop bullying," and "lend a hand."

Have students trace their hand on bright-colored card stock, then have them write an anti-bullying sentiment on the hand. Use the completed decorated hands to embellish this Bullying Awareness bulletin board.

Source: Twitter/Blair Smith

8. Buddy up to anti-bullying

This simple mantra will stick with your students as they go about their day. The construction-paper kids holding the anti-bullying messages are particularly cute.

Source: St Mary’s N.S. Saggart

9. Anti-bullying quilt

October bulletin board ideas include this one that says "We commit to be bully free at Beal School. The bottom is made up of all different colored triangles with anti-bullying sentiments on them.

This quilt idea can get a whole grade involved since there is plenty of space for students to come together to write their pledges.

Source: PE Central

10. A positive outlook

Text reads change your words, change your mindset. Black and white pieces of paper have a negative phrase. A bright colored piece of paper covers each one with a more positive alternative written on it.

This board is simple and is more of a reminder not to bully yourself than to not bully others. The reframing of negative thoughts will surely fit right in with your social and emotional curriculum.

Source: Facebook/Signup.com

11. Peas be kind

October bulletin board ideas can be simple and playful yet so poignant at the same time! Kids will surely get a kick out of this fun message.

Source: Pinterest/Dawn McDevitt

Bulletin Boards for National Custodial Worker Day

12. A spot of gratitude

Since National Custodial Worker Day is on October 2, this adorably decorated door will be the perfect way to thank school custodians for all they do. Have your students write on the spots why they are thankful, and then spread them out over your door or bulletin board.

Source: Pinterest/Atwood Hammond Elementary

13. A tasty thank-you

This adorable play on words, or in this case candy names, is a sweet way to say thank you to custodial workers on a special day designated in their honor.

Source: The Blue Hill Primary PTO, Wimberley, Texas

14. Leaf something to make the custodial staff smile

October bulletin board ideas include this tree that reads "you leaf this school looking great." The bark is made of brown construction paper with different Autumn colored leaves that have notes of thanks on them for custodians.

This bulletin board is perfect for a month that has both beautiful foliage and a holiday to honor custodial workers. Students can practice gratitude while writing their personalized messages on the leaves.

Source: A Crowded Classroom

15. Starry note of appreciation

A blue background has yellow stars with student names in them. Text reads Thank you for making our school sparkle.

So easy to re-create, the custodial staff at your school will surely appreciate this note of thanks! Cut out stars and have students sign them to make it a large-scale thank-you card from your entire class!

Source: Ms. Sepp’s Counselor Corner

16. Life Savers for your lifesavers!

Text reads thank you custodians. You are our lifesavers! Brightly colored construction paper O's are supposed to be lifesaver candies and have student names on them.

Another cute play on a candy name, this board will convey your class’s appreciation for the custodial staff in a really sweet way.

Source: Ms. Sepp’s Counselor Corner

17. A clean sweep

A large door sized poster says "Its a clean sweep you kick trash at keeping our school clean." There is a blue background and a trash can and broom.

This idea is versatile since it can be used for either a door or a bulletin board. This sentiment might be best in a high school because of the nature of the play on words.

Source: Pinterest/Anjela Schieving

Halloween Bulletin Boards

18. Hang with these bats

October bulletin board ideas can include doors like this one with a purple background and bats hanging off of it. Text reads, "Hang with us!"

Although it is more cute than spooky, this door is the perfect way to welcome students into your classroom in October.

Source: Pinterest/California Casualty

19. Social media scaries

Social media scaries bulletin board with close up of internet safety tips that look like candy falling out of trick-or-treat bag.

This bulletin board is Halloween-themed while also spreading useful information on social media safety. The interactive flaps will draw students in whenever they walk by!

Source: School Counselor Blog

20. Get caught in a good book

The board has an orange background with black text that reads, "Get Caught in a good book" There are several books attached to the board and a fake spider web wraps around all of it.

We love that this board is affordable to re-create since you will really only need some dollar-store spider webs and a spider—you already have the books!

Source: Read With Mrs. Klein

21. Spiderrific parts of speech

An October bulletin board shows an orange background with the text parts of speech. A spider is in the middle with 8 legs that all extend out to different parts of speech.

We love a Halloween-themed bulletin board that also serves as an ELA lesson! Students will love following this silly spider’s legs to learn more about the parts of speech.

Source: Read With Mrs. Klein

22. Happy Halloween!

This is the perfect bulletin board to leave up in your classroom during the entire month of October. It will give students something to look forward to since Halloween is the culmination of a month’s worth of excitement!

Source: Breanne Bannerman

23. Books are scary good!

A door is decorated to show two eyes peeking out from white crepe paper designed to look like a mummy. Text in orange reads books are scary good.

If you’re in need of a quick yet cute decoration for your classroom door, then this is the one for you! It’s simple and affordable to re-create—all you’ll need is some card stock and white crepe paper.

Source: Library Life

Fall-Themed Bulletin Boards

24. Fall into healthy habits

Text reads Fall into healthy habits in white writing. There is a tree with different colored foliage. A bushel of apples is also on the board.

What’s better than a pretty fall-themed bulletin board that also spreads a positive message? Students will certainly learn a thing or two about healthy habits after checking out this board!

Source: PE Central

25. Falling into good study habits

A black background has fall colored text that reads falling into good study habits. The black background is covered in leaves that have the habits listed on them.

Your students will enjoy seeing their own good study habit displayed on a leaf on this pretty board. Buy some dollar-store leaves and flowers to frame it!

Source: Pinterest/Brianna Nicole

26. If I only had a book …

October bulletin board ideas include this one with a scarecrow behind a fence with pumpkins and corn stalks. Text shows lyrics to "if I only had a brain" changed to "if I only had a book."

Wizard of Oz fans will definitely enjoy this cute play on the lyrics to the song “If I Only Had a Brain.”

Source: Library Life

Bulletin Boards for Red Ribbon Week

27. A hand in standing up to drugs

A large 3-D red ribbon made up of cut out red hands is shown on a black background with white text that reads "take my hand and make a stand, be drug free"

The ribbon in this bulletin board will really pop since it is three-dimensional thanks to the red cutout hands. The cute play on words will also be appreciated by all that walk by it!

Source: Staten Island, NYC Living

28. Keeping hands off drugs

October bulletin board ideas like this one for red ribbon week says "we pledge to keep our hands off drugs. There are a lot of cut out hands surrounding the text.

Students can get involved with this board since they will be decorating and writing their pledges on the cutout hands. You can also include other classrooms or maybe even the whole grade depending on your wall size.

Source: Pinterest/Carrie Hubert

29. Red Ribbon Week calendar

A white background has red writing that says "the best me is drug free" and "red ribbon week." Each day of the week has a different piece of paper with instructions to students.

Since Red Ribbon Week is in October, this board is perfect for making sure students don’t forget what they are doing each day of the week to take a stand against drugs.

Source: Plumberry Pie

30. Drugs are no treat!

Orange text reads "Drugs are a trick not a treat" and there are tissue paper candy corns surrounding it.

Students can make these cute candy corns that are made up of tissue paper balls during arts-and-crafts time. They can then be attached to this door to spread a Halloween-themed message about the dangers of drugs.

Source: Herding Kats in Kindergarten

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30 Brilliant Bulletin Boards To Try This October