Just 21 Reasons to Be Grateful for Teachers This Year

Honestly, this list could be endless, but we had to stop somewhere.

Grateful for Teachers

For many of us, 2017 has been kind of a doozy. Which is why we feel extra grateful for teachers doing amazing things in their classrooms and for their students. These teachers’ stories inspire us and give us hope for the future. Here’s just some of the reasons we’re grateful for teachers this year.

1. Because we go above and beyond for our students.

Why I Donated a Kidney to My Student

2. Because we’ll do anything to get our kids to read.

How One Inspiring Teacher Is Connecting With Students Through a Comb

3. Because we make dreams come true.

Meet the Teacher Who Raised Money to Buy a Bike for Every Kid in Her School

4. Because so many of us transform communities, not just kids.

How One School Garden Transformed a Neighborhood

5. Because we’ll take risks to get students to connect with the curriculum.

I Use Hip-Hop To Teach Middle School History: Here’s How

6. Because for so many of us, teaching is a calling.


7. Because we love sharing our passions.

How I Taught My Kindergarten Kids to ID Hundreds of Birds

8. Because we know that a little positivity goes a long way.

Why I Leave Positive Post-It Notes for My Fourth Graders Every Morning

9. Because we’ll hack anything if it means helping our kids.

Meet the Viral Teacher Who Created Tennis Ball Chairs for Her Special Education Students

10. Because we’re not afraid to go the extra mile.

23 Times Teachers Went the Extra Mile, All in the Name of Learning

11. Because we lift each other up.

43 Amazing Things Teacher Friends Do for One Another

12. Because even when we get a moment in the spotlight, we shine it on others.

3 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

13. Because we help pull our students through many of the tough things happening in our world.


14. Because this is a full-circle job, and we’re fully committed.


15. Because even when we’re tired, we keep going.


16. Because we literally spend hundreds of dollars out of our own pockets on our students.

These Classroom Setup Photos Are Proof Teachers Should Be Paid More

17. Unless you’re a new teacher, in which case you might spend thousands.

We Threw a Teacher Shower for This First Year Teacher, and Here’s What Happened

18. Because we open our students to new worlds.

Why I’m Talking To My Students About My Headscarf This Year

19. Because so often we’re a safe harbor from the storm.

Dear Teacher Dealing with the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

20. Because we keep going even in the midst of personal tragedy.

How Teaching Saved Me After My Husband’s Death

21. And finally, because there’s nothing we’re more grateful for than a letter from students.

51 Teachers Share the Best Thank-You Notes They’ve Ever Received


Why are you grateful for teachers? We’d love to hear in the comments.