Why I Leave Positive Post-It Notes for My Fourth Graders Every Morning

Just a few words can make a world of difference.

Why I Leave Positive Post It Notes for My Fourth Graders

It’s 8:10 a.m. as the Mighty 4th Graders shuffle into my classroom with smiles on their faces and a collective bounce to their step. Fist bumps are exchanged one-by-one as a plethora of stories from the night before are shared. It’s a joyous time, a daily moment of catching up and setting the tone for a new day.

As they collect their Chromebooks and login to Kahoot, our morning game show ritual entitled “Are You Awake Yet?,” there are a number of yellow sticky notes placed atop a few desks. These sticky notes are another “hello,” another reminder of the success of previous days, and a thought of what could be on the horizon.

Everyday, everyone should be reminded that…

1. It’s okay to trust yourself.

2. You are missed when you’re not with us.

3. Being an introvert is not only accepted, it is appreciated.

4. If you stay positive, you can overcome the challenges in front of you.

5. Your teacher is excited about the work you’ve created.

6. Even tough days do not change how much your teacher cares about you.

7. Your teacher is always here to help you through any and all problems that come up.

8. Your growth as a thinker is all because of your own hard work.

9. Your positivity is infectious.

And sometimes…you hear back from them 🙂

Why I Leave Positive Post-It Notes for My Fourth Graders Every Morning