On their feet all day and often doing workouts alongside the kids, every PE teacher deserves heartfelt gifts of appreciation. These teachers are an absolute treasure. I feel like they were the “fun” kids in school—always rounding up other kids for games or races across the playground. And as anyone with a wonderful PE teacher in their life knows, they totally transferred that recreationalist attitude right into their job as a teacher.

We’ve gathered up a list of quality, thoughtful PE teacher gifts that will fit any budget and show your gratitude, whether it’s for creating core memories with a huge parachute for elementary students or coaching a varsity volleyball team at the state finals. Go, team!

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

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1. Thank-you note

thank you note for PE teachers

Ask any teacher: We love a kind note. How fun (and true) is this card about PE teachers?

Buy it: Card at PaperSource

2. Amazon eGift card or other gift card

Amazon gift card

Gift cards are the best way to ensure that teachers really get what they want. (Plus, Amazon eGift cards are super easy and give the option to send a thank-you note via email right away!)

Buy it: Amazon e-Gift Card on Amazon; Target Gift Card at Target

3. Personalized whistle

A personalized whistle for PE teachers

We love that this whistle doesn’t just have space for the teacher’s name—it has space for a sport and school name too. Perfect for after a single season or even as a retirement gift.

Buy it: Personalized whistle on Etsy

4. PE shirt

PE teacher shirt

Isn’t this what PE is all about?

Buy it: It’s a Good Day shirt on Etsy

5. Comfy sneakers (group gift)

Allbirds sneakers

In addition to being stylish, Allbirds are unbelievably comfortable. I wore my Allbirds throughout my pregnancy—including around the house, because toward the end they actually felt better than being barefoot.

Buy it: Wool Runner Mizzles at Allbirds

6. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds (group gift)

Powerbeats Pro Wireless earbuds

With their sleek ear pieces, these earbuds won’t fall off even when a PE teacher is demonstrating a burpee or getting hit by an errant dodgeball. (And if you’re saying to yourself, “Why would a PE teacher have earbuds in while teaching?”—have you heard how loud a PE class can be?!)

Buy it: Powerbeats on Amazon

7. Peloton membership (via Apple gift card)

Apple Gift card

The Peloton app has a huge range of classes way beyond cycling. They offer downloadable classes in meditation, yoga, running, stretching, cardio, and other fun fitness methods that don’t require any additional equipment. With an Apple gift card, teachers can download the app and sign up for the length of membership they want.

Buy it: Apple Gift Card on Apple

8. W&P Ceramic Insulated Bottle

Insulated bottle

It’s giving celebratory confetti at the end of a marathon. It’s giving weird old gym floor. It’s giving ’90s workout leotard. This bottle is everyone’s dream, but particularly a PE teacher’s.

Buy it: W&P Insulated Bottle on Amazon

9. Super-comfy bubble slides

Bubble slides

These cloud-like massage slides will be a treat when PE teachers get to relax at the end of a long day. Don’t they look like little tennis or golf balls?

Buy it: Ultra Cushioned Bubble Slides on Amazon

10. FabFitFun box

FabFitFun box

Who doesn’t love an extended present? FabFitFun collects beauty and lifestyle products (like makeup samples, candles, workout leggings, etc.) from great brands and sends them to subscribers in seasonal boxes. They’re a fun way to treat a beloved PE teacher or coach to a year’s subscription as a group gift, or you can give them as a single box.

Buy it: FabFitFun box at FabFitFun

11. Gift certificate to a local spa

Photo of woman at spa

Support a local business and treat your PE teacher? Win-win!

Buy it: Check out a spa in your area!

12. This pretty sweat-proof necklace

Gifts for PE teachers: sweat-proof necklace

Classic, simple, and understated, this necklace will be a wardrobe staple. And it won’t get tarnished!

Buy it: Heart Necklace at Hey Harper

13. A cooling hat

White cooling hat, as an example of PE teacher gifts

A hat that cools when it’s wet? Thanks, I’ll take four.

Buy it: Mission hat on Amazon

14. Epsom bath salts

Dr. Teal’s has tons of bath solutions, but the Pre & Post-Workout and Soothe & Sleep combo sounds like it was made for a PE teacher’s weeknight.

Gifts for PE teachers: bath salts

Buy it: Dr. Teal’s Epsom salts on Amazon

15. Personalized school spirit sweatshirt

A school spirit sweatshirt

With its sporty varsity lettering and customizable colors and lettering, this sweatshirt will be an instant favorite.

Buy it: School Spirit Sweatshirt on Etsy

16. A treasure chest of healthy snacks

Gifts for PE teachers: healthy snack box

OK, but have you had Bada Bean, Bada Boom? Or Boom Chicka Pop popcorn? Or Bobo’s? So. Good. Bring any PE teacher (actually, any teacher) a cornucopia of snacks like this and it’ll feel like they won the lottery. (Are they still healthy if you eat seven snacks in one sitting? Asking for a friend.)

Buy it: Healthy snack gift box on Amazon

17. Decorative storage basket

decorative basket

I’m about to tell you one of my gift-giving secrets: Instead of using gift wrap or a gift bag, stick your gift in a cute basket. Where else would you possibly put the aforementioned snacks other than this delightful little storage nugget?

Buy it: Basket at Target

18. Personalized water bottle

Travel tumbler for PE teacher

You can never have too many tumblers. Especially not a personalized one that’s so cute they will squeal.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Tumbler on Etsy

19. Gift card for athleisure wear

Outdoor voices sweatshirt and sweatpants

Sweatsuit from Outdoor Voices

I’m not jealous of the workload of PE teachers with classes of 50-plus kids. I am, however, jealous that they get to don athleisure wear for school. Both of these brands carry stylish, comfy, size-inclusive athletic wear—Outdoor Voices also carries men’s clothing!

Buy it: Athleta gift card | Outdoor Voices gift card

20. Convertible mini backpack/cross-body bag

mini backpack, as an example of PE teacher gifts

This little AirMesh bag is the perfect alternative to lugging around a huge duffel because it can be worn as a mini backpack, or if you’re one of the cool kids now, a small cross-body. Gift it on its own or fill it with the next item on this list. …

Buy it: Adidas convertible bag on Amazon

21. RXBAR protein bar variety pack

Gifts for PE teachers: RXBAR variety pack

Protein bars! These RXBARs are tasty and portable, and they also have all their (very simple) ingredients listed on the front of each package. Goodbye, 10 a.m. hunger gurgles.

Buy it: RX bar variety pack on Amazon

22. Foot Spa Bath Massager

Massaging foot spa

Are you ready for a four-part gift curation? Here we go. First up, a bath and massager for tired feet. Which for PE teachers are their forever feet.

Buy it: Foot spa massager on Amazon

23. Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

This is a foot soak specifically for softening calluses and soothing tired feet. However, we also love this lavender one and this fruity sampler.

Buy it: Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak on Amazon

24. Peppermint foot lotion

Peppermint foot cream

You should probably buy this fabulous-smelling lotion three-pack so you can give one to your favorite PE teacher and keep two for yourself. (Wink-wink.)

Buy it: Peppermint foot lotion on Amazon

25. Cozy socks

Barefoot Dreams cozy socks

In the fourth and final installment of PE teacher foot pampering, we have these absurdly cozy socks. As a cozy sock connoisseur, I can tell you: These are the real deal. (So real I have thrown out old cozy socks so I have more room for these.)

Buy it: Barefoot Dreams socks on Amazon

There’s no competition: We’ve rounded up the best of the best PE teacher gifts. With any of these selections, they’re sure to have a ball (how strong is our pun game?).

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