20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

I’ll take one of each, please.

‘Tis the season to show those around you that you care, including the teachers in your life! Whether it’s a coworker or a friend, show the educator in your life that you’ve put a bit of extra thought with these fun stocking stuffers for teachers. Plus, they’re all available on Amazon, and many include Prime, so they’re perfect for last-minute gifting. Oh what fun!

A Fresh Lanyard

You can’t go wrong with a fresh lanyard, especially since teachers are wearing them nearly every day. They can show off their love of reading with this book-covered option. Buy it>>

Spa Set

They can enjoy an escape (at least for a little bit) with this bath bomb, lip balm, and soap set, packed in a cotton muslin bag. Buy it>>

Compliment Pencils

Jazz up the pencil stash with this sweet set of ten, complete with compliments to keep their energy up and spirits high during a long day. Buy them>>

Collapsible Coffee Cup

While a mug is always a good idea, this collapsible coffee cup makes taking beverages on the go a breeze, without taking up too much space. Buy it>>

Fill In Book


Organize the classroom (this is probably a better option for older kids) to have everyone fill in a page or two with what they love about the teacher! Buy it>>

Mini Succulents

We wouldn’t put these live succulents in a literal stocking, but they are a great way to liven up any space. Buy it>>

Foldable Tote

This durable nylon tote is perfect for carrying papers, games, snacks, and then some (up to 50 pounds). Plus, it takes up next to no space. Buy it>>

Customized Keychain

Much like a lanyard, any teacher is never far from their set of keys. Make it stand out with this handmade leather option, customized with their name. Buy it>>

Smartphone Sanitizer

Our phones go just about everywhere, so you can imagine the germs that stick around. This UV sanitizer doubles as a charger, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy it>>

Five Minute Journal

Especially for newer teachers, this reflective journal is a great way to look back on how they’ve grown for years to come. Buy it>>

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Say goodbye to headaches and harmful blue light with these blocking glasses which can reduce the strain on eyes from looking at screens. Buy them>>

Travel Cutlery Set

This elevated seven-piece cutlery set, complete with silverware, chopsticks, two straws, a cleaner, and a storage bag, will definitely be a hit during lunch. Buy it>>

Plush Sock Set

Teachers deserve to put their feet up at the end of a long day, and these cozy socks are what they’ll want to kick back and relax in. Buy them>>

After School Supplies

You can never go wrong with a great bottle of bubbly wrapped in this fun linen bag. Buy it>>

Library Candle

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

This “library” scented candle is hand-poured with a natural soy wax blend which is perfect for any bookworm. Buy it>>

Customized Notepads

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

This set of four customizable notepads is perfect for jotting down reminders and ideas with a personal touch. Buy them>>

Cookies In A Jar

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

Baking a last minute batch of cookies can sometimes be a hassle, but this adorable jar makes it a total breeze. Buy it>>

Coloring Book

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

You read that right, coloring is for grown ups, too! Just about any teacher will get a kick out of these designs, and feel relaxed by putting it to use. Buy it>>

Assorted Sharpies

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

Like with most classroom supplies, you can never have enough assorted Sharpies! Buy them>>

Circle Necklace

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

Like a teacher and student go hand in hand, so do the asymmetrical circles on this necklace. Take your pick from silver, rose gold, or gold. Buy it>>

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20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers