28 Brilliant Gift Ideas for School Support Staff

Ideas for paraprofessionals, secretaries, cafeteria workers, and custodians!

Examples of gifts for paraprofessionals and other school support staff such as a custodian t-shirt and nurse badge reel.
We Are Teachers; Cozy Prints Clothing via Etsy; The Purple Plum Shop via Etsy

Teachers, especially in elementary school, usually receive plenty of presents during the holiday gifting season. Despite the best of intentions, however, it can be easy to overlook school support staff like paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers, custodians, secretaries, and health room assistants. Whether you are a teacher or administrator looking to give back to your staff or a parent of a student who wants to send a message of thanks, we have the perfect gift ideas for you! Some gifts for paraprofessionals and other support staff are practical, some are sweet, some are funny, and some are all three! Check out our list of the best gift ideas for your school’s hardworking staff.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

Gifts for Paraprofessionals

1. Personalized Gift Card Holder

Gift Card Holder for Paraprofessional: Thank You For Helping Me Grow
Winkle Berry via Etsy

Since everyone loves a gift card, we can’t think of a more fitting gift for paraprofessionals or any other school support staff member. While a gift card by itself isn’t the most personal of gifts, you can make it special by adding one of these engraved gift card holders.

Buy it: Gift Card Holder at Etsy

2. Personalized Sweatshirt

A fun sweatshirt that says "In my para era"
Simple Sign Crafts via Etsy

Although some educator apparel can be tacky, we think this sweatshirt is just plain fun. We especially love that it can be personalized with your favorite paraprofessional’s name.


Buy it: Para Sweatshirt at Etsy

3. Custom Candy Bags

A white paper bag says We heart Our Paraprofessionals as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Prepping Parties via Etsy

These gifts for paraprofessionals would make for cute valentines, but really they could be given any time of year. If you’re a teacher, administrator, or PTA chair, you could buy in bulk and then give them out to the whole team.

Buy it: Gift Bags at Etsy

4. Wish Bracelet

A cardboard backing has a red string bracelet with a hand charm on it. It says "it takes a big heart to teach little minds"
Salem Wishes via Etsy

The best gifts for paraprofessionals are both affordable and sentimental. We love this bracelet since it sends a sweet message and serves as a happy reminder of your student!

Buy it: Para Bracelet at Etsy

5. Personalized Lanyard

Colorful custom beaded lanyards for teacher id badges set on top of a wood disc
I Love Glitter Co via Etsy

These pretty lanyards are the perfect gifts for paraprofessionals who appreciate stylish accessories. You can personalize the adorable tag with a name. Plus, choose from several different bead color combinations.

Buy it: Personalized Lanyard at Etsy

6. Colorful Tumbler

A teal tumbler that says "Being a para is heart work" as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
3C Etching via Etsy

Boy, if this isn’t the truth! Show your appreciation to your favorite para with this cute tumbler with a powerful message.

Buy it: Tumbler at Etsy

Gifts for Secretaries

7. Personalized Greeting Card

A black greeting card says "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds" there is a heart with a teacher's name in it as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Personalization Mall

Cards with heartfelt notes are perfect gifts for everyone on your list, including secretaries. Give them alone or pair them with another gift of your choice. We love that this card can be given by a teacher, an administrator, or a student since you can customize it with your own note inside.

Buy it: Personalized Greeting Card at Personalization Mall

8. Funny Candle

A candle has a wrapper on it that says "I would totally hang out with you even if we weren't getting paid."
Solja Candles LLC via Etsy

If you’re looking for gifts for your coworkers at school, this candle works for everyone on your list. Bonus: It will be sure to make your friends laugh!

Buy it: Funny Candle at Etsy

9. Waterproof Sticker

A sticker has a rainbow and heart on it and it says "school secretary" as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Spilled Coffee Stuff via Etsy

School secretaries are special and are often the most recognizable face in the school, so don’t forget them come the holidays! We love this waterproof sticker that they can use to decorate laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more.

Buy it: Secretary Sticker at Etsy

10. Attendance Shirt

Jeans, red sneakers, and black shirt that says, "Have You Taken Attendance?"as an example of gifts for paraprofessional
Tempus Vitae via Etsy

It’s a fact: Teachers are human and sometimes forget to take attendance. This funny T-shirt is perfect for any school secretary who needs to give teachers a gentle reminder. It even comes in a variety of colors, so you can pick their favorite.

Buy it: Attendance Tee at Etsy

11. Personalized Notepad

A cheerful notepad that reads from the desk of Mrs. Wilkenson, school secretary as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Hummingbird Lane via Etsy

Give your school secretary this personalized stationery for all their notes. You can also get similar designs for other school support staff members like nurses, school counselors, and social workers.

Buy it: Secretary Stationery at Etsy

12. Rainbow coasters

Personalized coasters featuring a colorful pastel rainbow and a heart as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Just Phone Cases via Etsy

A lot of secretaries we know pride themselves on their neat and tidy workspaces. So it would make sense that these personalized coasters would be an apt gift for your favorite school secretary.

Buy it: Coasters at Etsy

Gifts for Cafeteria Workers

13. Cafeteria Squad T-Shirt

A dark blue t'shirt has a circle on it that says words like compassionate, caring, and loving on the outer circle. The inside says Cafeteria Squad as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Pinehart via Etay

This T-shirt is undeniably tasteful and comes with a kind message for your favorite “cafeteria squad.” Gift the whole crew these tees to wear on special days or even just as Friday attire.

Buy it: T-shirt at Etsy

14. Thank-You Bracelet

A simple bracelet made from a blue cord and a silver heart is displayed on a card that says thank you bunches for the lunches
Salem Wishes via Etsy

It’s amazing how much just a little bit of gratitude helps people feel appreciated and valued. Hopefully, every time the person who receives this will remember that each time they look at it.

Buy it: Bracelet at Etsy

15. Badge Reel

A cute badge holder says Lunch Lady and has a cartoon bagged lunch, apple, and coffee cup.
The Badge Reel Market via Etsy

This cute badge reel will surely bring a smile to the face of a special “lunch lady” in your life.

Buy it: Badge reel at Etsy

16. Apron

A woman wearing a black apron that says "Nacho average school chef"
Gifts by PMC via Etsy

While an apron is a good gift idea for anyone that frequents a kitchen, this option is funny and fitting for the chef who works so hard preparing food for our kiddos.

Buy it: Apron at Etsy

17. Retro Lunch Tray Earrings

Dangle earrings designed to look like old school cafeteria trays with lunches on them.
Cult Object via Etsy

These earrings are undeniably kitschy but they are also so adorable. They will surely be a big hit, especially for cafeteria workers in elementary schools.

Buy it: Earrings at Etsy

18. Chef Hats

Clezmo via Amazon

Why settle for an ordinary white chef hat when you could give your favorite school chef a fun 4-pack like this one?

Buy it: Chef Hats at Amazon

Gifts for School Custodians

19. Tool Belt/Apron

A black, Dickies brand tool belt is shown.
Dickies via Amazon

We love the practicality of this gift, which will surely come in handy for that special custodian in your life. With a five-star rating and over 6,000 reviews on Amazon, we trust that this understated tool belt/apron will stand the test of time. We also have ideas for teacher aprons.

Buy it: Tool belt at Amazon

20. Thank-You T-Shirt

A woman with blonde hair wears a grey t shirt that says best custodian ever as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Cozy Prints Clothing via Etsy

This T-shirt would be perfect for a custodian who goes above and beyond. Why would your favorite custodian want to wear a basic undershirt to work when they could wear this one that lets everyone know how much they are appreciated?

Buy it: T-shirt at Etsy

21. Yoda Best Custodian Tumbler

A black tumbler says Yoda Best School Custodian with a baby yoda on it.
Stephen Dunn Shop via Etsy

Do you know a custodian who is also a Star Wars fan? This coffee tumbler is equally practical and adorable. We just love the cute play on the word Yoda!

Buy it: Tumbler at Etsy

22. Custodian Sweatshirt

A black hooded sweatshirt says Custodian in yellow and A key role in so many lives in white as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
oTZI Shirts via Etsy

Who doesn’t love a nice cozy hoodie during the chilly fall and winter months? Since this one comes with a sweet message, it will let the special custodian in your life know just how much they mean to you!

Buy it: Hoodie at Etsy

23. Personalized Key Chain

Several leather keychains in different colors are shown with different things inscribed on them.
Hifa Crafts via Etsy

Let’s face it, custodians have to lug around a lot of keys. These stylish key chains will make sure that they do it in style. We love that you can really personalize them to match your favorite custodian’s personality since they come in a variety of shades and fonts.

Buy it: Key Chain at Etsy

Gifts for School Nurses

24. Got Ice? Tee

A blue tee shirt that say Got Ice? #schoolnurselife
Tea Shirts US via Etsy

Your school nurse will love this sassy tee. It comes in 17 different colors in sizes small through 2XL.

Buy it: T-shirt at Etsy

25. Inspirational Posters

Colorful posters with encouraging messages for school nurses as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Calm and Joyful Kids via Etsy

Unfortunately, trips to the health room are inevitable, no matter what grade your students are in. Why not share these bright and cheery posters with your school nurse to help make the space a little more welcoming?

Buy it: Posters at Etsy

26. Personalized Pouch

A white zipper pouch with Mrs. Smith School Nurse Survival Kit written on it
Moonwake Designs via Etsy

This snazzy personalized pencil pouch can be used in so many ways, from health room supplies to personal items.

Buy it: Pouch at Etsy

27. Alphabet Tee

A school nurse tee shirt with images and descriptions for every letter in the alphabet as an example of gifts for paraprofessionals
Love Gifty Art via Etsy

From “always prepared” to “zillions to do,” this tee captures a day in the life of a health room paraprofessional. Super-cute and maybe distracting in a good way for little ones coming in for help.

Buy it: T-shirt at Etsy

28. Badge Reel

A rainbow shaped badge reel as an example of gifts for paraprofessional
The Purple Plum Shop via Etsy

This cheetah/rainbow badge reel will not only make life a little easier for your school nurse, it will add a little pizzazz to any outfit!

Buy it: Badge Reel at Etsy

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