16 Parent-Teacher Conference Memes That Are All Too True

Put your happy face on for the parents.

When parent-teacher conference are finally over.

Parent-teacher conferences? Ugh. We all know the exhausting feeling surrounding that week. This roundup of our favorite parent-teacher conference memes is too relatable as you work through all those parent meetings.

1. Just keep smiling …

Actual photo of me during parent teacher conference week, crying on the inside

Sometimes on the outside too.

2. The most awkward …

When parents start arguing with each other during parent-teacher conferences


3. Because that was a long week …

Mic drop when parent-teacher conferences are finally over

Mic drop.

4. The apple rarely falls far …

"That moment during a parents teacher conference when you discover apples don't fall far from the tree"

That ah-ha moment when it all makes sense.


Source: Mrs. Avery

5. They will tire you out …

How I feel before parent teachers conferences versus after

Now that those are over, time for a nap.

Source: Sizzle

6. Keep it together …

My face through most of my parents teacher conferences

Are these over yet?

Source: Faculty Loungers

7. That explains that …

Teacher Confession: Parent teacher conferences explain a lot

Sometimes it all just makes sense.

Source: Winkgo

8. There is always one …

Parent teacher conferences: skeleton waiting for the one parent you need to talk to

This one should be fun.

Source: Memes Monkey

9. We all know the scenario …

How your mom looks at you during the parents teacher conference meme

Nothing like that parent glare!

Source: Stare Cat

10. Uh-huh …

How I look when parents say "he never does that at home"

Hard to believe that one.

Source: Inspiration Feed

11. I’m a teacher and a parent most days …

Welcome to parent teacher night, now tell me what I should be doing to raise your kids

They already call me mom at times.

Source: me memes

12. Phew …

That feeling you get when you finish parent teacher conferences

Now that was a long week.

Source: meme generator

13. Calm, cool, and collected …

Teach in class verses in parent teacher conference

Okay, I don’t get that mean in class.

Source: me memes

14. A friendly student reminder …

Be nice to your teacher, parent-teacher conferences come sooner than you think

Maybe this goes for parents too?

Source: Quick Meme

15. For teacher, student, or parent …

When the parent teacher conference does not go your way

Somebody messed up.

Source: Know your meme

16. My mood totally changes …

Parent teacher conference meme Zendaya

I’m ready for a nap by the end.

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15 Parent-Teacher Conference Memes That Are All Too True