19 Memes Capturing the Reality of Teaching Middle School

Because teaching middle school can get … interesting.

middle school meme, boys coming back from PE

Middle school is such an interesting and fun place, but it is not for the faint of heart. The quirks of middle schoolers can either make you laugh or cry (or sometimes both), and we understand your struggle. These relatable middle school memes are sure to give you a chuckle and keep you chugging along in your classroom.

The excitement is unreal.

Middle schoolers when they get to work with whoever they want

And I will probably regret that decision later.

Every time…

repeating directions to students

I always tell myself I won’t repeat directions, but here I am.

Don’t fail me now.

When your best students forgets to submit the assignment

Old reliable really let me down.

They love to take everything literally.

Middle schoolers throwing away their trash

Put your actual pieces of trash in the garbage can.

This photo could have been taken in my class yesterday.


Middle school boys after PE

Don’t forget that body spray smell.

Teaching citations be like…

When students ask whey they need to use in text citations

Yes, you must use them.

It’s kind of like never-ending confusion at times.

when you give middle schoolers directions

Let me repeat the instructions again.

It’s always the day before.

Asking for extra credit right before report cards are due

And no, you cannot have the extra credit.

So accurate.

      Pie chart of when my students want to talk to me

Why is it never during actual class time?


Students pretending to take notes

I’m trying to help you here.

Even though the rest of the class groans.

The one student who reminds you to collect the homework

I always appreciate the reminder.

I was really confident about this one too.

wearing an outfit you like and your class calls you out

There’s something about middle schoolers and all their comments.

What up with this mullet trend anyway?

student with mullet meme

I just can’t get behind it.

It’s like taking notes is so horrible.

Students not wanting to take notes meme

Except when I say it’s going to be on the test. Then they listen.

A teacher’s favorite phrase!

Telling students to make good choices

Let’s just hope they actually do.

The door frame hitting will never go away.

Middle schoolers hitting the door frame

It’s like a middle school rite of passage.

You’re a real one.

We all need a little help sometimes.


Seriously, every time.

Students asking questions right after giving directions

I default to writing everything on the board.

Source: Bored Panda

Pretty much an actual photo of me.

Teacher saying I will wait

I’m going to start counting how many times a day I have to do this.

Source: Funny Teacher Memes

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19 Memes Capturing the Reality of Teaching Middle School