15 Super Fourth Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

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Fourth Grade Blogs

We absolutely love teaching. That being said, it helps to surround ourselves with others who can relate to the ups and downs that come with this job. We also love the idea of creating a virtual community where we can exchange ideas and be inspired. Interested? Check out this list of the best fourth grade blogs and teachers to follow!

Apples and ABCs

Fourth Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Michelle is all about flair pens, family, and wine—it’s like we’re soul mates!

Must-read post: Her “Simple Activities Ideas” will give you life on a day when you feel like you just can’t come up with one more thing to do!

Fancy Free in 4th

Why we love them: Layla is a self-described “teacher blogger, go-getter and digital resource creator” who shares great tips for the classroom!

Must-read post: Her post about having to clean out her classroom while the school felt like a ghost town is all of us right now.



The Lettered Classroom

Fourth Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Bridget expresses her passion for literacy, personalization, and productivity by creating digital resources and sharing experiences through social media. 

Must-read post: You’ll love her idea for encouraging kids to pick up a book after they’ve been off on a break. 

Teaching and So Fourth

Why we love them: Bethany has a passion for using musical strategies as a means to help students learn.

Must-read post: This video of her classroom shows just how much incorporating music can energize and engage students. 

Cursive and Crayons

Why we love them: When she’s not in the classroom, Lauren shares adorable pictures and videos with cute animals like sheep and cows.

Must-read post: You’ll love her sweet “Good Morning” poster that creates a positive and welcoming message for kids every day. 

The Fashionably Broke Teacher

Why we love them: Lindsey lets us in on her secrets for being fashionable while surviving on a teacher’s salary. 

Must-read post: We might be separated at times, but this post reminds us that we’re still all in this together! 

Sweet Tooth Teaching

Fourth Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Yari is a self-described travel junkie who met her husband on a cruise—it was love at first sight!

Must-read post: This short but sweet self-care post is the reminder we all need to take some time for ourselves. 

Teaching In Rain

Why we love them: Courtney is so frank about how challenging teaching can be, especially from a distance.

Must-read post: You’ll want to copy this incredible “Change Your Mindset” board for your own classroom.

Teach Run Create

Why we love them: Katie is a former reading coach turned homeschooler and marathon runner. She does it all!

Must-read post: Her post reminding us that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything makes us want to find balance.

Fantastically Fourth

Fourth Grade Blogs

Why we love them: Shane clearly puts a lot of thought into her lessons, but she also knows how to have fun!

Must-read post: She shares her setup at home for distance learning and it’s serious goals!


Why we love them: Jose founded Bertreau & Co. a company committed to making incredible teacher planners! 

Must-read post: He candidly talks about his struggles with body dysmorphia and how losing weight has changed his life. 

Serious Giggles

Why we love them: Heather is an instructional coach and special needs mom with excellent tips and a great sense of humor.

Must-read post: She shared this post to remind us all that, during a crisis, we need to be kind to ourselves.

Teach with Sparkle

Fourth Grade Blogs
Why we love them: Julie believes in whole brain teaching which guides her approach and the tips that she shares.

Must-read post: You NEED these tips for simple, fun, and relaxed virtual meetings right now!

Fourth Grade Fairytale

Why we love them: Mrs. Verduzco brings warmth and diversity to her classroom in meaningful and creative ways.

Must-read post: She reminds us that kindness can be just as contagious as anything else, which is a great lesson right now.

Teaching With Miss Bronte

Why we love them: Bronté has a calm, natural style that she brings to her classroom.

Must-read post: She used glitters to show students how germs spread, and we can also appreciate the value of that lesson.

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15 Super Fourth Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow