16 Step-by-Step Drawing Videos for Your Budding Artists

Draw their attention!

Girls wearing headphones, watching drawing videos for kids on a laptop and drawing with a marker on a piece of paper.

Do you know a child who would rather spend their time drawing than doing almost anything else? Are you looking for quick video lessons that bring creativity into your classroom? It’s important to encourage a love for art at a young age, especially before kids convince themselves they don’t have the talent. These guided drawing videos for kids give them opportunities to show their creative side while building their confidence. There’s something for students of all ages on this list and maybe even for teachers and parents too! Who knows, you might just have the next Georgia O’Keeffe or Pablo Picasso sitting in your classroom!

Drawing Videos for Elementary School Kids

A Happy Little Ice Cream

We are big fans of Art Hub for Kids and their fun instructional art content. This video is perfect for the littlest artists since it is simple and easy to follow yet absolutely adorable. Kids will especially love adding their own personal touches to their ice cream cone’s face!

The Cutest Bee

Unlike real bees, this adorable bee will make kids smile. We like that there are just a few steps so it won’t feel overwhelming to elementary or even preschool-age children. The little girl in this video will be especially relatable to young kids as she creates her own bee alongside her father.

A House for Beginners

Consider this cute video on how to draw a house an early lesson in architecture. Since the outline of the house is fairly simple, students can make easy accommodations to create buildings of all sorts and maybe even a whole neighborhood!

A Sparkly Rainbow Caterpillar

Is there anything kids love more than bright colors and sparkles? This tutorial shows how to use paint and a dash of glitter to bring this happy little caterpillar to life. Be sure to grab some washable paints since kids can be messy little painters!

A Simple Person


Drawing people can be especially intimidating even for adult artists. The adorable two-year-old in this video draws alongside her dad and proves that anyone can learn to draw a person. Kids can personalize their drawing and make it resemble their mom, dad, or even their favorite teacher!

Drawing Videos for Middle School Kids

A Spiderific Tutorial

If you know a kid that can’t get enough of superheroes, then this is the video for them. This how-to video for drawing Spider-Man is challenging enough for slightly older kids without being intimidating. Kids may even want to try creating their own web-slinging comics!

A Cute Gaming Console

If there is one thing middle school students love, it’s probably their gaming console. This video will appeal to their love of gaming while also engaging them in a more creative outlet.

One-Point Perspective

This video is a great introduction to one-point perspective thanks to the narrator’s thorough explanation and easy-to-follow directions. Make sure kids have access to a ruler since they will need it to help them establish their vanishing point. They will also want to have a nice variety of colors in the medium of their choice.

Shading and Lighting for Beginners

Although the concept of lighting and shading can be a difficult one to grasp, this video does a great job simplifying the idea of shadows and light sources. Grab a lamp and set up a still-life to demonstrate how the concepts can be applied to a real-life setting.

A Cartoon Girl

The narrator of this video, Winnie, does a wonderful step-by-step tutorial that explains how to draw every detail of this cartoon girl. Kids, especially those who are into fashion, will enjoy learning how to draw the girl’s clothes and accessories.

An Optical Illusion

The optical illusion created by this simple 3D tutorial will amaze even middle school students, though it is probably easy enough for upper elementary students as well. Parents will be absolutely amazed when their kids bring home their finished piece!

Drawing Videos for High School Kids

Skyscraper Perspective

This video is slightly more advanced than the perspective lesson above, but it should still prove doable even for beginner artists. Budding architects will certainly enjoy personalizing their skyscrapers to their liking.

A Realistic Owl

Unlike their usual videos, this art hub for kids tutorials features realistic drawing instruction. Older kids will love bringing this majestic owl to life as they experiment with color to create texture. This project might even be a good opportunity to introduce young artists to alcohol-ink markers, which are ideal for blending.

A Head From All Angles

This video splices together a drawing tutorial with real-life examples to demonstrate how to draw a head from multiple angles. Since this isn’t the easiest of drawing tutorials, it will be best suited for older kids who have some previous experience. The intention behind the video is more lesson based and less geared toward a finished piece.

Zentangle Patterns

A zentangle is a work of art, similar to a doodle, that is created by combining a collection of structured patterns. In addition to promoting creativity, this art form can help with reducing stress as it has a meditative quality. Busy high school students will definitely benefit from unplugging with a sketch pad, some ink pens, and their imagination!

Mixed-Media Flower

This video covers a number of important art concepts including still-life drawing and mixed-media application. Students will enjoy trying something a little different than just straight drawing. Be sure to have on hand a number of different options for the collage aspects so students can really personalize their masterpieces.

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16 Step-by-Step Drawing Videos for Your Budding Artists