Inspire Your Kids’ Creativity With These 12 Online Art Resources

Get out the paint, markers, and crayons!

Best Free Online Art Classes for Kids - WeAreTeachers

Inspire creativity!! WeAreTeachers already offers artsy printables and DIY craft videos for teachers and students, but we wanted to help broaden the horizon with these additional 12 awesome online art resources. Happy crafting!

1. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts has a few playlists of YouTube videos full of arts and crafts ideas for kids at home. Maybe even better, their channel offers creative life hacks for kids and adults alike!

2. Art Bar

At Art Bar, they “believe that a few simple art materials, a table, and a parent or teacher who is willing to let go of expectations, is all that a child needs to flourish into a lifelong creative thinker.” This teacher-ran blog is full of fun and easy craft ideas and step-by-step instructions for each idea.

3. JumpStart

In addition to arts and crafts ideas and instructions, Jumpstart offers a variety of other art resources such as coloring and drawing worksheets, holiday-themed activities, and more!


4. Mini Matisse


This art blog features art projects by Mrs. Hahn and other Hassan Elementary School teachers. It offers great ways to combine education and art. Learn about fractions through drawing fruit, keep your creative juices flowing with art challenges, color by numbers, and so much more at Mini Matisse.

5. Art for Kids Hub

This YouTube channel frequently uploads how-to drawing videos. What we love about Art for Kids Hub is how they cover drawing popular culture characters side-by-side with their own kids. Too cute!

6. The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent shares tons of art information and inspiration for projects to do at home with your kids. There are just SO many easy and fun art projects and activities to try!

7. Kinder Art

Don’t let the name fool you, Kinder Art covers art ideas and activities for kids from preschool to high school. Their resources help teach kids unique creative techniques to use in art. 

8. Art Projects for Kids

This aptly named site has a wide array of how-to blog posts, art education resources, and more! The best part? Art Projects for Kids contains many easy drawings to get your kids interested in art.

9. Deep Space Sparkle

Best Free Online Art Classes for Kids - WeAreTeachers

Former art teacher Patty Palmer created this site full of inspiring ideas, especially for teachers! Explore Deep Space Sparkle and you’ll find art lesson plans and resources that cover a wide variety of creative techniques and styles. 

10. Cassie Stephens

Best Free Online Art Classes for Kids - WeAreTeachers

Tennessee art teacher Cassie Stephens started her own blog to accompany her passion for arts and creativity. Here you can find tons of cute themed art projects to try with your students!

11. Art Is Basic

Best Free Online Art Classes for Kids - WeAreTeachers

Wisconsin teacher Marcia Beckett has been blogging about art journaling, collages, watercolor painting, and more for almost 10 years. On Art Is Basic’s site, you can find art activities specifically made for distance learning.

12. Painted Paper Art

Best Free Online Art Classes for Kids - WeAreTeachers

Painted Paper Art was made just for creating art with your kids. Even better, you can search for art project ideas by subject, grade level, and artistic technique!

What online art resources do you love using? Come share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

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Inspire Your Kids' Creativity With These 12 Online Art Resources