16 Catchy Number Songs for Kids

Counting has never been this fun.

"Jack Hartmann forever!"

Teachers know that new things can be intimidating for kids. Learning numbers and early math concepts is hard work for young students, but there are many ways to make it more fun! It’s been said that both math and music are universal languages—so why not combine the two to take your lessons to the next level? Finding the right tunes will have your students moving and grooving in the classroom while they master these vital foundational skills. Here’s a list of upbeat, catchy number songs for kids that will have you all dancing to the algorithm (please forgive this math pun)! 

Our Favorite Numbers Songs

Learn to count with this 30-minute collection of number songs for kids.

Let’s Learn Our Numbers 0-10

This Jack Hartmann song engages students in recognizing and writing numbers with a rhyming description for forming each one.

Counting and Matching Song

“Counting and matching is really fun and it’s easy to do! How many do you see?”

Number Song 1-20 for Kids

Count from one to 20 together three times, each time counting faster than the previous.

The Numbers Song


Learn numbers to the beat!

Count to 100 Song

This song is a fun challenge for children who are learning big numbers!

Count and Move

This song is a lot of fun to sing/chant while marching around the room.

Numbers Freeze Dance Song for Kids 

Sing along and learn numbers with The Kiboomers!

Funky Counting Song

Count from 1 to 10 three times (first slow, then a little faster) while following the little chick’s dance steps!

Colors & Numbers Song

Practice numbers with your favorite superheroes! 

Count to 20 and Workout

Do a new set of exercises for each time you count from 1 to 20.

The Ants Go Marching

This classic song makes counting easy and fun for kids. 

Sort the Same Group Two Different Ways

Sorting, classifying, and comparing objects to boost numeracy skills!

Writing Numbers

“Go straight down and then you’re done.” PinkFong makes learning to write numbers fun!

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways

Discover the different ways numbers can be represented in this catchy song.

Count to 100


Count to 100 with Gracie and her marching band! 

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