The Ultimate Guide to College Scholarships

Find the money to fund your future.

So many jobs these days require a college degree of some kind, but the costs have never been higher. In fact, 2023 students can expect to spend an average of $35,000 a year on tuition, books, and living expenses. Most students will need financial help to get by, and college scholarships are one important option. Need help finding and applying for scholarships? Read on!

How To Find College Scholarships

How to find college scholarships.

The more scholarships you apply for, the better. Search sites like and to find opportunities, or start with our lists of top picks.

29+ Excellent Scholarships for High School Seniors

Each of these awards is available to most or all high school seniors who plan to continue their education. Some require applicants to submit an essay or meet other criteria, while others are surprisingly easy.

24 Easy College Scholarships

Speaking of easy, these funding opportunities are quick and painless. Go ahead, apply for any and all that you qualify for!

How To Get a Full-Ride Scholarship

Full-ride scholarships cover tuition, fees, meals, and housing, so students won’t have to worry about anything other than focusing on their studies. These opportunities are highly competitive but definitely worth pursuing.

Merit-Based Scholarships for High School Seniors


These scholarships aren’t just for honor students! They also reward athletes, artists, community leaders, and more.

30 Great Scholarships for Black Students

Check out these financial rewards specifically for Black students. They help ensure the next generation of higher ed grads will be as diverse as the world around us.

STEAM Scholarships for Minority Students

Careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math are overwhelmingly dominated by white males. Women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups can apply for financial awards and help bring diversity to these fields.

College Scholarships for Women

There are a wide variety of scholarships for women pursuing degrees in all fields, from arts and humanities to engineering and computer science. There are options here for older students pursuing graduate degrees or returning to school too.

Scholarship Opportunities for Future Teachers

Planning to build a career in education? Teachers are in incredibly high demand these days, so you’ll find multiple scholarships and grants to help you earn your degree.

Acing the Scholarship Application

Acing the scholarship application.

Be sure to read the requirements carefully, and ensure you meet (or exceed!) them all. Start the process early, so you’re not racing to meet deadlines. Even if you’re not planning to take out student loans, fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms, since they may clue you in to grants and scholarships you might otherwise miss.

How To Write a Winning College Scholarship Essay

Many of the more lucrative scholarships require essays of some type. Learn the dos and don’ts of writing the best possible essay here.

10 Winning Scholarship Essay Examples From Real Students

Find out what other students have done to impress the review committee, and get inspiration for your own impactful composition.

10 Strong Scholarship Recommendation Letter Examples

A recommendation letter can make or break a scholarship app. Take a look at these quality examples, and get tips for writing your own.

More College Scholarship Resources

More college scholarship resources.

Check out even more ways to find the college funding you need!

How To Write a Scholarship Thank-You Letter

Did they show you the money? Be sure to show them the gratitude! Learn how to write a meaningful letter that will help cement the connection you’ve made.

The Big List of Student Contests and Competitions

Some of these contests offer scholarships to winners, while others award major cash prizes you can use for college costs.

60+ College Essay Prompts From Actual 2022-2023 Applications

Get some practice writing strong essays with these real prompts from college applications. These make great assignments for high school English classes too.

50+ Ways Teens Can Volunteer

Up your chances of winning a scholarship and getting into the college of your dreams by spending time volunteering in your community. Find lots of terrific options here.

Supporting Seniors Through College Application Crunch Time

College and scholarship application time is exhausting for kids. Here’s how teachers and other adults can help them get through this stressful period.

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Plus, Stop the Trade School Stigma: Vocational Training Is a Strong Option for Our Students.

Learn how to find college scholarships for every kind of student, conquer the scholarship essay, and support students throughout the process.