Best Scholarship Opportunities for Future Teachers

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Empty elementary classroom with fact about scholarships for teachers: "The U.S. predicts 7% job growth for elementary and middle school teachers and 8% growth for high school teachers through 2030."

Ready to earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree in education? You already know that tuition is expensive. Sadly, the fear of debt discourages many from going to college, but the right financial awards can help make it possible. We want everyone who dreams of standing in front of a classroom to get there, so we’ve put together this list of scholarships for teachers. They might not cover all of your expenses, but every little bit counts. 

A quick note: While we’ve provided this list of scholarships for teachers, it’s important to do your own research. Rules and requirements may change without notice, so please be sure to read through the application process carefully in order to be considered for the financial award. Be prepared and put your best foot forward!

Teachers are in demand

We’ve never had enough teachers, and the Great Resignation has left even more of our schools in need. Our educational system needs a major overhaul, and many excellent teachers walked away with good reason—but our kids still need someone to lead them. If you want to become a teacher, there is a place for you. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we will see a 7% job growth rate for both elementary school and middle school teachers and an 8% growth in jobs for high school teachers through 2030. Will you be among the new graduates to answer the call? Keep reading through this list of scholarships for teachers to help make it happen!

The TEACH Grant Program

A great option for future educators is the TEACH Grant program. If you’re willing to commit to teaching in high-need fields in low-income areas for at least four years, you could receive up to $4,000 in grants per year. 


In order to qualify, you must complete a FAFSA application and be enrolled in an eligible program at a participating college or university. You must also meet academic achievement requirements, receive TEACH grant counseling, and sign a Teach Grant Agreement to Serve or Repay. 

In addition to reviewing the information on the official Federal Student Aid website, you can also talk with someone at your school’s financial aid office. They can help you choose an eligible program and provide information on how to apply. 

Preschool teacher scholarships


  • Financial award: Up to $500
  • Deadlines: October 1 and March 1
  • Eligibility: Members of AAEF are preferred
  • Academic requirement: See program details on website.

TEACH Early Childhood

  • Financial award: $1,000
  • Deadline: Varies by state
  • Eligibility: Individuals pursuing initial teacher certification through a partner program
  • Academic requirement: No minimum GPA requirement

Scholarships for elementary school teachers

Nancy Larson Foundation

  • Financial award: $1,000
  • Deadline: October 1 – November 15
  • Eligibility: College and university students training to become elementary school teachers
  • Academic requirement: N/A

Sol Hirsch Education Fund

  • Financial award: $750
  • Deadline: June 1
  • Eligibility: Teachers seeking education in the science of meteorology
  • Academic requirement: N/A

AKA Educational Advancement Scholarships

  • Financial award: No upper limit
  • Deadline: April 15
  • Eligibility: Full-time students (sophomore or beyond) enrolled in an accredited degree-granting institution, demonstrating community service and involvement
  • Academic requirement: Minimum GPA 3.0 (merit-based); 2.5 (need-based)

Scholarships for middle school teachers

AFCEA Educational Foundation STEM Scholarship

  • Financial award: $2,500
  • Deadline: May 31
  • Eligibility: See the award website for details
  • Academic requirement: GPA of 3.5

Lewis & Clark MAT Teaching Scholarships

  • Financial award: $500 to $6,000
  • Deadline: January 5
  • Eligibility: Students must submit a FAFSA application by January 15
  • Academic requirement: N/A

NCTM Equity in Mathematics Grant

  • Financial award: $8,000
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Eligibility: Currently a classroom teacher in grades 6-12
  • Academic requirement: N/A

National Federation of the Blind’s Scholarship Program

  • Financial award: $8,000 awards and more
  • Deadline: March 31
  • Eligibility: Must be legally blind in both eyes
  • Academic requirement: N/A

Scholarships for high school teachers

James Madison Graduate Fellowship

  • Financial award: $24,000
  • Deadline: March 1
  • Eligibility: Current or future teachers of American history, American government, or civics classes
  • Academic requirement: N/A

Minority Teaching Fellows

  • Financial award: $5,000
  • Deadline: April 15
  • Eligibility: Tennessee residents and U.S. citizens who are minorities seeking teacher certification
  • Academic requirement: 2.5 GPA

NILRR Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

  • Financial award: $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline: September 1 – January 31
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in education in institutions of higher learning throughout the United States
  • Academic requirement: N/A

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Best Scholarship Opportunities for Future Teachers