15 Welcome Songs to Start Your Day!

Good morning to you!

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♪ Hello, everyone how are you? ♪ So many teachers start morning meetings or greet their students with a song. It’s a great way to start the day on a positive note and get kids moving. But with COVID-19, many districts are not allowing students or teachers to sing. And during online learning, it can be difficult to focus on the teacher while singing. Make it easier on yourself, while also maintaining this fun part of learning, with these welcome songs for the classroom.

The Welcome Song

“Hello everyone, how are you? How are you? How are you?” This catchy song by the Kiboomers has kids moving their bodies too!

Hello Song for Kids

Get your students moving with this fun and fast hello song by ELF Learning.

Welcome Song

“Hi! Hello. And how do you do?” Repetition makes this song extra catchy.

Welcome Song & Dance

This one is done standing up with arm action! Learn to dance to “Welcome Song,” a Ugandan Folk Song.

Hello Song

Say hello to your teacher, you friends, and everybody else with this morning song.

What Are We Going to Play Today?

Andy Grammer and the Sesame Street gang sing this catchy song about playing and planning!

Hello Song

This song offers a lot of repetitive responses for your students to chime in.

Hello, Hello, How Are You

The Kiboomers teach kids about some emotions they might be feeling this morning.

Good Morning

Reinforce the meaning of the word “good” with this song!

Good Morning Song

The perfect circle time! One of our favorite welcome songs for the classroom.

Good Morning to You!

“Our day is beginning, there’s so much to do!” This classic welcome song is bound to start the day on a good foot.

Hola, Bonjour, HELLO!

Find out how to say “hello” in other languages!

Kindness is a Muscle

Work it out, gotta hustle!

Can’t Stop That Feeling

The Trolls version!

Hello, Hello, How Are You?

Good, great, or wonderful?!

Have your own welcome songs for the classroom to share? Post on our WeAreTeachers First Year’s Group!

Also, check out these alphabet videos to learn your ABCs!

15 Welcome Songs to Start Your Day!

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