School Thank-You Cards for Custodians, Librarians and Other Staff We Love

Because it takes a lot of special people to keep a school running.

school thank you cards

As the school year comes to a close, we wanted to put together school thank-you cards for those staffers who are sometimes overlooked. You can definitely find thank-you cards for teachers in your local greeting-card aisle, but not so much for the bus driver, gym teacher and others.

Take a look at these cards we had created especially to say thank you to the custodians, crossing guards, paraprofessionals, school nurses and other individuals who keep our schools running year-round. You can also get a free PDF of the full set here.

1. For the School Nurse

2. For the Secretary, IT Pro and Custodian

3. For the Cafeteria Worker

4. For the Crossing Guard and/or Bus Driver

5. For the Therapist, Paraprofessional, Counselor and Teacher Assistant

6. For the Art and Music Teachers

7. For the Librarian and Media Specialist

8. For the Gym Teacher (and All Other Amazing School Staff)

Don’t forget you can download the full PDF set here for free!