Paint with Bubbles + 20 More Cool Bubble Activities to Try

Kids will bubble over with excitement!

Kids love bubbles. Most adults do, too! That’s why these bubble activities are sure to be hit with everyone. One of the most popular activities is painting with bubbles—you’ll be surprised at how many ways there are to use bubbles to create fun and funky artwork. We also rounded up a bunch of cool bubble science experiments and other bubble activities that are just plain fun! 

1. Try painting with bubbles

Painting With Bubbles

Once you try painting with bubbles, it might just become your new favorite art activity. Simply mix food coloring with bubble solution, and blow a bubble masterpiece!

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2. Write letters with bubbles

Bubble Activities

Here’s a fun way to sneak some learning into your bubble activities. Learn how to make a “bubble shooter” with a pen and a balloon at the link below, then practice writing letters or numbers in soapy water.

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3. Blow a bubble inside a bubble

Blow your students’ minds when you teach them to blow a bubble inside another bubble! Hit the link below for instructions.

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4. Create rainbow bubble snakes

Bubble Activities

Engineer your own bubble machine with a water bottle and an old sock (instructions at the link). Add a little food coloring to make bubble rainbows!

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5. Explore different ways to blow bubbles

Bubble Activities

Ditch the standard bubble wands and experiment to find other items that make bubbles instead. Bubble activities like this make great STEM projects.

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6. Marvel at dry ice bubbles

You’ll have to use a little caution with the dry ice, of course, but the results of this bubble experiment are oh-so-cool. Learn how to make it happen at the link.

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7. Create absolutely enormous bubbles

There isn’t a kid (or adult!) around who won’t want to try their hand at creating these massive bubbles. Visit the link for the bubble solution recipe you need.

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8. Make bubble paint butterflies

Painting With Bubbles

Ready for more painting with bubbles? Turn your creations into butterflies with this adorable project idea.

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9. Use Jello to make scented bubbles

Mix bubble solution with powdered jello for colored bubbles that also smell delicious! You can use this for lots of bubble activities, but be sure to supervise young ones so they don’t try to eat or drink it.

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10. Stand inside a giant bubble

How cool is this? Fill a kiddie pool with a dish detergent solution, then have a child stand in it while you use a hula hoop to create a big bubble around them!

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11. Use your hands as a bubble wand

Bubble Activities

No bubble wands? No problem! Use your hands instead. (Bonus: Bubble activities leave you with squeaky clean hands!)

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12. Light up the night with glowing bubbles

Painting With Bubbles

Glow-in-the-dark bubbles? Yes, please! Try painting with bubbles like these for some seriously awesome art.

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13. Build bubble towers

This is one of those bubble activities that’s easy enough for little kids, but big kids will want to get in on the fun too. Use cookie sheets or trays to make cleanup a breeze.

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14. Bounce some bubbles

Bubble Activities

We all know bubbles are too fragile to touch, right? Wrong! Find out the secret to making these touchable bouncing bubbles at the link.

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15. Form square bubbles

Ask kids what shape a bubble is and they’ll almost certainly tell you “round.” That’s why this bubble experiment will wow them. The link has the details you need for making square bubbles.

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16. Twist interesting bubble frames

Twist wire into a variety of shapes and watch as the power of surface tension creates beautiful shapes and patterns. This is two bubble activities in one: science and art.

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17. Paint with bubble foam

Painting With Bubbles

Can’t get enough of painting with bubbles? Try this method, which uses straws to blow up bubble foam paint. Lay paper on top to create cool patterns and designs.

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18. Freeze a bubble

You’ll need a chilly day for this bubble activity, but be sure to grab your camera. The results are simply stunning.

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19. Poke a bubble without popping it

Bubble Activities

This seems like pure magic, but it’s really all about the science of surface tension. Learn how it works at the link.

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20. Paint with soap-free bubbles

Painting With Bubbles

Want to try painting with bubbles with little ones, but afraid they might get soap in their eyes? Try this version, which uses milk instead!

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Paint with Bubbles + 20 More Cool Bubble Activities to Try