Bloomz vs. Remind: Which Parent Communication App Should You Choose?

How two of the most popular options stack up.

Bloomz vs Remind Which Parent Communication App Is Better

There are a lot of great reasons for using a parent communication app, including protecting your privacy, translating your messages quickly and easily, and connecting with parents the way they want to be reached. There are also A LOT of communication apps out there. Below, we look at two of the most popular, Bloomz vs. Remind,  to see how they stack up.

What Teachers Are Saying About Remind

We’ve heard from a number of teachers who say that they like Remind. Getting students and parents signed up takes very little time because Remind gives you a specific code students (or parents) can use to join the class of a particular teacher. Some teachers even make the sign-up process part of their class routine in the first week to ensure that all of their students are onboard.

With Remind, you can send one reminder to an entire group (parents or students) and even see who viewed the announcement. Remind’s text-based messaging system has proven especially useful in reaching high school students. Teens are texting pros, so it makes sense for teachers to try to reach out to them via their favorite medium. Keep in mind, however, that you do have a character limit with Remind—so you’ll need to keep your messages pithy and to the point. 

UPDATE: As of July 2019, Remind has set limits on its free teacher accounts. You are now limited to 150 students per class, with up to 10 classes. Beyond that, you will need to purchase a subscription. 

Picture of example text using remind tool.

Here’s what students see when they receive a text on Remind. The phone number at the top belongs to Remind, so the students and parents never have access to your personal number. You don’t have access to student numbers either.

What Teachers Are Saying About Bloomz

Overall, Bloomz is a more comprehensive communication app. That’s because in addition to sending messages to parents and students, you can also create classroom calendars and build online sign-up sheets. Bloomz also offers student portfolios and a behavior management component, so it has the potential to replace other apps that you might be using in those areas (such as Class DoJo). Teachers report liking the ability to do most everything in a single app, which can eliminate confusion and friction with families. (“I’m supposed to check homework assignments in that portal and class updates in another?” You know the drill.) However, you do have the ability to start with basic messaging and simply add components until you’re ready to all communications in one place.

Unlike Remind, Bloomz features unlimited message length. But The best part may be that all communication and coordination features are free for teachers to get started, with optional subscriptions for both teachers and schools available too. 

Screen shot of Bloomz App

You can see the Facebook-like interface above. Images are featured prominently and there’s room for parents to like and comment on your posts.

Remind vs. Bloomz: Comparing the Features

Both apps keep student, teacher and family information secure, and both apps allow teachers to deliver a variety of updates, including images and documents. The difference is that Remind is largely focused on messaging, while Bloomz takes a more integrative approach. This chart from teacher Jessica Meacham provides a helpful overview of the differences between not only Bloomz and Remind, but some of the other major communication apps on the market.

Plus, here’s an at-a-glance view of the main differences.

Bloomz vs. Remind

Bottom Line

Either app is going to save you time and make communication with parents and students so much easier. There are just a few things that set the two apps apart.

REMIND is best for:

  • Communicating with students.
  • Sending quick reminders.

BLOOMZ is best for:

  • A comprehensive, all-in-one approach to parent & student communication.
  • Managing calendars, sign-up sheets & conferences.

What are your thoughts on Bloomz vs. Remind? Let us know what you think!

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