Why Bloomz is the Parent Communication App We Need Right Now

It has everything you need school-wide. And we mean everything.

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It’s one of those life lessons you never forget. We can have great ideas and perfect protocols-but without clear communication, our best efforts will not succeed. We saw it this past spring as schools scrambled to adjust to online learning. Our weakest link was often communication , and as a result, parents and students fell through the cracks. That’s why we’re loving the new and improved Bloomz communication app, especially when it’s adopted school-wide.

Bloomz was used heavily when schools went online, and during that time, its developers saw exactly where to build it out even further. As a result, the tool is now more powerful than ever.  

Here are some of our favorite features, both the tried and true and the brand new: 


From admins to teachers and staff, teachers to parents, parents to teachers … among groups, school-wide, individually. However you need to communicate, your options are all here. You won’t need a single additional platform for connecting your school community.

According to first grade teacher Kathy Parish, “Bloomz simplified my life! Now I can send one message and all parents receive it … they stay up to date daily.”


Teachers can create live assignments, set due dates, and maintain student portfolios. Anything parents want to see in terms of their children’s schoolwork can be ALL HERE. Not only that, but there are also classroom management tools.

“I use Bloomz to attach files of any kind,” said third grade teacher Amy Mockert. “This capacity was especially useful during recent COVID-19 remote learning as I could attach our daily agenda for parents on Bloomz.”

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Deliver messages to parents school-wide. You can do this by recording your own audio or letting Bloomz convert your text message into speech. You can even translate your message into other languages, either automatically or manually, and you can control the time frames within which messages are played. This powerful tool eliminates the need for a separate telecommunication system.

Managing health

Right now, there’s nothing more important than keeping everyone safe and well. Health Checks is a brand new feature that lets you track students’ symptoms and potential coronavirus exposure according to CDC guidelines. It also facilitates reporting this information to school administration for wise decision-making.

Event coordination

On the Bloomz communication app, you can maintain school and class calendars and provide signups for parent volunteering.

“I used to have a Room Parent who would contact parents to donate treats/supplies for holiday parties,” Parish said. “Bloomz eliminated the need for a Room Parent! Bloomz allowed me to request signups for volunteer help or donations … this was a game changer!”

No storage limit

You can share resources, videos, photos, and more-with zero storage limit.


The Bloomz  communication app is completely private and secure. No one can access it but your school community. 

We’re blown away by how comprehensive and time-saving Bloomz is. And we’re hearing principals, teachers, and parents rave about the way it’s improving communication at their schools. Interested in learning more?

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Why Bloomz is the Parent Communication App We Need Right Now