21 Brilliant Binder Clip Hacks All Teachers Need to Try

Make mini clipboards for sticky notes!

Different colorful binder clips

Binder clips are handy for holding big stacks of papers (and teachers definitely have plenty of those). But there are actually a lot of clever ways to use them, especially in the classroom. We’ve found a whole collection of binder clip hacks that teachers are sure to love!

1. Mark your place with a friendly binder clip

Binder Clip Hacks A Girl and a Glue Gun

Glue some googly eyes to a binder clip and you have the cutest bookmark around! These make a fun and inexpensive gift for kids.

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2. Corral your loose cables

This is one of the most popular binder clip hacks out there and for good reason. It’s a simple solution to a common problem, and it costs almost nothing!

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3. Use them as labels


Binder Clip Hacks The Classroom Creative

There are plenty of fancy binder clips available, but you can easily customize your own. Try painting them (remove the silver handles first), adding washi tape, or printing your own personalized labels. Grab a free set at the link.

Learn more: The Classroom Creative


4. Keep pages in place when cutting

Binder Clip Hacks The Elementary Entourage

Some binder clip hacks are simply made for teachers, and this is one of them. Use binder clips to hold multiple pages firmly in place while you cut them apart. Genius!

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5. Use binder clips to label cubbies or mailboxes

Binder Clip Hacks Proud to be Primary

If you re-use your cubbies or mailboxes each year, you don’t want to put permanent labels on them. Binder clips are the perfect substitution. Label them with names or numbers and move them around as needed.

Learn more: Proud to be Primary

6. Combine binder clips with craft sticks to make building toys

Combine binder clips in a variety of sizes with a box of wood craft sticks, and you’ve got an inexpensive set of building toys! These are really fun to use for STEM challenges.

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7. Make table or center signs

Binder Clip Hacks Organized Classroom

Hold name cards, table numbers, or center signs upright using binder clips. So simple, and so effective.

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8. Create binder clip photo holders

Go one step further and turn binder clips into cute little photo holders. Try this as a class craft project; they make excellent holiday gifts.

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9. Hang them from push pins

Use a single binder clip on a push pin to hang student work, or combine several to hang larger charts and posters. If you have cement walls, try using sticky hooks with binder clips instead.

Learn more: Dwell Beautiful

10. Assemble mini clipboards with coasters

This is possibly the cutest binder clip hack we’ve seen! Sticky notes are popular in classrooms these days. Use a clip to attach a pad to a coaster to make a mini clipboard.

Learn more: Coffee and Vanilla

11. Store your headphones

Two big binder clips are all you need to hang a set of headphones on the side of a desk or table. How easy is that?

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12. Play binder clip bowling

Binder Clip Hacks All Day ABA TPT

Classroom bowling is always a big hit, so we love this fun new twist! Make your own “pins” from heavy card stock, or buy a set from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Learn more: AllDayABA/Teachers Pay Teachers

13. Put together a string keeper bowl

Keep your twine and yarn from rolling away or getting tangled up with this quick binder clip hack. 

Learn more: Pocket Pause

14. Wrap up earbuds

Every student has their own earbuds these days, and teachers are always looking for ways to keep them organized. Try this easy trick—add a binder clip to the desk and wrap the cords around it.

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15. Clip items to the ceiling grid

Hanging lightweight arts and crafts projects from the ceiling is a really fun way to dress up your classroom. Attach binder clips to the ceiling grid to make the process a snap!

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16. Build a binder clip star

Here’s a fun STEM challenge for kids: Can you figure out how to make this binder clip star? (The answer is at the link below.) For more STEM fun, challenge kids to design their own clip sculpture.

Learn more: Instructables

17. Improvise a glue gun stand

Prevent burns by propping a hot glue gun up on a binder clip. Even better: set the clip on a piece of scrap paper to catch stray glue drips.

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18. Organize busy bags

Binder Clip Hacks My Small Potatoes

This is a quick way to bring order to anything you store in bags, like puzzles or busy bags. All you need are binder rings, binder clips, and a towel rod.

Learn more: Small Potatoes

19. Practice fine motor skills

Help strengthen little fingers with this fun activity! First, kids attach the clips around the side of the box. Then, they weave the string in and out of the loops. 

Learn more: The OT Toolbox

20. Craft a binder clip turkey

Kids will love crafting this little cutie! Make a whole set to use as name card holders on the Thanksgiving table.

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21. Use binder clips for your to-do lists

We absolutely love this idea for class chore lists! It would also be a good way to take attendance. Simply flip the clip handle to check off an item.

Learn more: Maria Luiza Rodriguez/Pinterest

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21 Brilliant Binder Clip Hacks All Teachers Need to Try